My new classes!

I just published my newsletter…well, Steph actually published it…on Thursday.  I’m excited about my new classes.  You can see them by clicking on my class schedule at the top of this page.  Come join me and make something fun!

This rainbow bargello is so pretty and so not complicated!  Village Fabric Shop has the jellyrolls now.

I borrowed this tree skirt from my children.  It’s hand appliqued and hand quilted and easily finished before Christmas!  The shop has the patterns.

My cross stitch family class produces this.  I made one for Amy because everybody in my family is really tall.  🙂

And then there’s this!  I finished my La Pass (this shows the bottom edge) and we are having an Open House next Saturday, August 12 at 9:00 at Village Fabric Shop.  Come join us and see what that’s all about!

Again, just click on my class schedule to see what’s waiting for you!

Open Sew Pictures

Open Sew ALWAYS has interesting quilts!  Carole’s flip-flop quilt.


Martha Claire!



And we have enjoyed watching Diana’s flying geese grow!



Dueling binding…



Yo-yo’s in a GREAT hour glass setting.



Linda’s fishy quilt.  Love the raw edge seaweed!!!



Kay is hand quilting this beauty.



And she has finished her block of the month.  Check!



Alison continues her big stitch hand quilting.



She dyed these fabrics.  Love.



Cynthia’s Christmas quilt.  Love the blue background.



Laura’s rainbow blocks.  She can still count the number of quilts she has made on one hand.  Remarkable Laura!!



Carole’s very intriguing equilateral triangles…



Another Carole beauty.



And one more.  Fabulous.



And a little something for her granddaughter.  🙂



MC’s La Pass……so much pondering…



A close-up of Tillie’s pink and gray beauty.  Gina Allen quilted this for her.



Diana’s embroidery spiral.  I want to do this.



Her embroidery sampler.



More of Alison’s blocks.



Kaye is hand quilting these great Christmas panels from the shop.  I am going to copy her.


Oh my word…


Linda’s newest boro bag.


And another one.  Check out the little fabric tab tied to the zipper pull.  Thank you Debbie!!

Boro Bags

I teach big stitch hand quilting in my boro bag class at Village Fabric Shop.  It’s a great way to learn the technique without investing a huge amount of time.  You also end up with an awesome little bag.  The pattern is from  Best bag patterns ever.  IMG_0452

These boro bags belong to Ann (left) and Jean (right).  Ann used Essex linen and did some piecing to make her panels.  Jean used a fat quarter of the same fabric.

Same bags.  Different sides.  Jean quilted squares.  Ann used different thread colors.  Most of the threads were #8 perle cottons.


Debbie’s.  Front.


Back.  Beautiful.  Just the right amount of quilting.


Paula’s front.


Her back.  She used Anna Maria Horner’s wovens and we all loved the result.


Jan’s blocks BEFORE assembly.


After.  Front.


Back.  Variegated thread.  Sulky 12 weight.  Check out the little embroidered heart top right.  So sweet!


Linda’s blocks.




Back.  Such a great use for orphan blocks.


Kay’s blocks before she made her bag.  Kay is a very good hand quilter and we loved her patterns.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of her finished bag.  Sorry Kay!  It’s sitting right in the middle of the display below…


How about that rainbow?


Styled by Amy.  🙂

Quilt Retreats

I “moderate” a monthly Open Sew at Village Fabric Shop.  It’s a great group of young women. Earlier this spring they decided to have a quilt retreat at Lake Norman and they invited me to join them.
IMG_0339So here they all are.  Steph, Carrie, Fowler, Mindy, Jennifer and Laura.  Kinda pretty there isn’t it?

IMG_0340Jennifer, our host,  decided to do a little free motion quilting.

IMG_0363She ended up with this beautiful table runner.

IMG_0343Mindy was working on her “critters” block of the month.

IMG_0357Here’s Laura’s block of the month.

IMG_0349Fowler made some more log cabin blocks.

IMG_0362Pink background.  🙂

IMG_0358Steph decided to finish up her machine quilting on this beauty.

img_0111And Carrie?  It’s a surprise for a sweet little boy.  I’ll post pictures later.  I’ll post this beautiful clamshell instead.  It belongs to her.

IMG_0346I explained the rules of retreat.  Basically you need good snacks…

IMG_0348and a great group of women.  A year ago, they did not know each other.

IMG_0353Now they will be participating in a round robin.  HAHAHA  They have swapped their center blocks and they will pass later this month during their Open Sew.  So much fun to watch them want to do their best!

They will swap blocks for the second round in just a few days.  I’ll keep you posted…

The Alphabet Quilt

I am in love with my alphabet quilt sampler from S is for Stitch.  The book is out of print but Village Fabric Shop did some digging and found some copies so if this inspires you, just e-mail Amy.img_9830Here’s the “c” block.  The author says “the door handle’s position is the only indication of which direction the car is facing.”  Such great drawings!
img_9829“Energy” is the block I teach in class.  One of my favorites.img_9827“Z” shows what a one-thread bee wing vein looks like.  So sweet.  This quilt is full of wonderful little colonial knots.  Martha at Knit One Smock Too taught me how to work a colonial knot several years ago.   I love them!img_9826“Volcano” is another one of my favorites.  So simple and so perfect.  One strand works the cloud.  🙂
img_9825The octopus makes me smile.img_9824And who wouldn’t love a baseball block?img_9904When I sent my finished top to Ginabean Quilts, it looked like this.When Gina brought it to me, it looked like THIS.

Custom quilted.  Look at the sashing.

Crazy good.  Thanks Gina!



Bragging on beginners

I teach a beginning quilt class at Village Fabric Shop.  I LOVE beginners; they think I know everything!  It really is fun to help them pick fabrics, learn to piece and then surprise themselves with their beautiful tops!  Here are some of their creations.  The pattern comes from Julie Herman’s book, Skip the Borders.img_0036This one belongs to Anne-Marie.   Her 4-patch fabrics were a great pick.

Love it!  She was in the shop just yesterday to pick her binding.

Amelia made this quilt for her grandchild.  She’s getting ready to machine quilt it herself.  It’s a happy quilt!

img_0032This Tula fabulousness belongs to Christi. img_0034The back of Christi’s quilt.  Gina Allen quilted this for her.img_0029Steph’s beginner quilt.  Don’t you love the set??  She and Anne-Marie (first picture) are besties and we had a great time in class!img_0027The pieced back.  Love it!  Gina Allen quilted this for her.img_0023This beauty belongs to Linda.  It’s a grandson quilt and I know he will love it!

Linda sent me these pictures after I posted this page.  Here’s her grandson enjoying his new quilt!

Front!Pieced back!  Fabulous!

Here’s Jean’s beginner quilt.  She used only eight fabrics.  She has it basted and she’s planning on hand quilting it.  Great looking!

Last, but certainly not least, is Laura’s lovely creation.  Such a great set.  She started binding it this week.  Laura Davies quilted this for her.

Such beautiful quilts!  A big thanks to my beginners…they aren’t beginners any more!!

The Improv Quilt


This winter I decided I wanted to TRY to make an “improv” quilt.  I have lots of respect for original design work; it’s not easy!  I used Jacquie Gehring’s book, Quilting Modern as my starting point.  This picture shows the first blocks I made.  I put them on a background of Freespirit’s Arctic White; it’s my most favorite white.  Amy keeps it in stock at Village Fabric Shop just for me.  🙂img_0070Didn’t like all that dark so I removed those blocks…
img_0075and ended up with this.  I used a nice collection of shot cottons and of course I had some Amy Butler fabrics that worked very nicely with them.

img_0088I arranged them sort of like I wanted them and then I started to sew.

img_0091I ended up with this.img_0123I bought a beautiful piece of voile for the backing and a spool of Sulky 12 wt. variegated thread because I decided to hand quilt it.

So I pin basted it and got started.  My phone dates this picture February 15.  I love deadlines.  I decided this project would keep me sane while I watched the NCAA basketball games.   We get a little crazy at our house with the tournament, brackets, etc.   My goal was to have it finished by the championship game on April 3.  That gave me about six weeks.  I echo quilted it.  I quilted around each block until the quilting ran into the next block and then filled in the “holes.”  That’s about a 3/8″ gap between the lines…more than 1/4″ but not quite a 1/2.”  No need to mark.  Just eyeball it.

It got to travel too!  It went to Florida for a baseball spring training trip and here’s a picture of it at Lake Norman…right before the Final Four games started.

I really like how it turned out. 

I finished it the WEEK of April 3.  🙂  UNC Chapel Hill won the championship so my Tarheel son was very happy.  Big stitch hand quilting does take time.  I think I had about 35 hours in this one.  It’s SO WORTH IT though.  It’s hanging at Village Fabric Shop.  Just give it a squeeze the next time you are there…so very soft.