Bride and Bloom: Wednesday morning

Our Wednesday morning Bride and Bloom class met last week at Sew Original.  Here are their beautiful blocks; this is quite the SHOW!These belong to Sandra.  She has finished all her blocks and prepped her corner posts.Her 4th block.Another close-up. 🙂  We all have quilt envy.Joyce’s Christmas Bride and Bloom.  She’s auditioning her hexie sashes.Her 4th block.  Queen of fussy cutting.Her beautiful angel face, halo and outlined wings.  Jane’s four blocks.  She is also auditioning her hexie sashes.  I love the consistency of her leaves and the intensity of her color choices!Her 4th block.  We loved it!Kay’s four big blocks and some of her hexie sashes.  Show and tell is so inspiring!LOVE this block.

Cydney couldn’t be with us again because the weather wasn’t cooperating so she sent us this beautiful picture.

I’m so proud of all of these women and their five totally different quilts.  They have spent countless hours picking fabrics, prepping pieces and stitching their work.  It shows!  My next class meets tomorrow…I’ll be posting those pictures next week!

Bride and Bloom: Second Saturday morning

Oh my.  Here are the most recent blocks from my Bride and Bloom block of the month applique class.  This group meets on Saturday morning.  The pattern is Bride and Bloom by Sue Cody, available at Material Obsession. Need a little inspiration to keep moving forward on yours?
Sheila’s third block.  She is using traditional fabrics and we loved her look.  She’s using a collection and dipping into her stash.

All three blocks.  She is going to make one hexie sash to see if she likes the look.  🙂  Love, love, love her bride.

Ginny’s third block.  A huge splash of color!!  The shelf is genius.  She’s using a light background with a pink polka dot.

Here’s the progress report on her quilt top.  Fabulous.  You inspire us Ginny!!Beverly’s third block. ..surrounded by many hexies.  So much thought went into her fabric selections.  We loved her shelf too!Unleash the hexies!!  It’s beautiful Bev!  Light background with a gray dot.Here’s Linda’s third block.   Check out the ladybug fussy cuts.  Did I mention I taught her how to applique??  🙂  Light gray print background.  Such clear colors.She has prepped all her hexies.  She needs to assemble the rows.  The hexies are perfect.She has finished her three blocks and all the posts!  On to the hexies!!Cydney planned on being there but had a change in plans.  She sent me pictures; thanks Cydney!  Her bride block.

Block #3.Block #1.Block #4.  That vase fabric…

One more picture!  Jane sent this photo over the holiday.  She’s well on her way and we will see her blocks in the 4th Wednesday class in a couple of weeks.  Yay Jane!

So…keep moving forward my dear peeps!  You can do it!

December Open Sew

Here are some pictures from my latest Open Sew at Village Fabric Shop.  Very talented group of women.

Emily finished her embroidery piece.  She’s taking it to be framed.  Excellent workmanship!

She also brought a very interesting map overlay from Haptic Lab.  I am intrigued.

Nothing beats a blue ribbon!  Liz won hers at the Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Show last month.

Small bed quilt.  Big stitch hand quilted.  EPP blocks are hand appliqued.  That binding!

Marty finished her beginner quilt.  I’m extremely proud of her.

She has a passion for applique and hand quilting.  A Sunbonnet Sue baby quilt for a lucky little girl!

Katie is smocking sleeves for her daughter’s Christmas dress.

She also finished her embroidery quilt for her new daughter.  Gina Allen quilted it for her.


Jennifer has hand embroidered some tea towels.  The hexies are improv pieced and machine appliqued.

She also finished this fabulous Elizabeth Hartman unicorn pillow for Christmas.

Here’s the pillow back.  She used V and Company’s Confetti Metallic Ombre.  We are a tad obsessed with it…

And yes, we did get a lot of snow this weekend.  Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!

Bride and Bloom

I’m back!  I’ve been busy with my Bride and Bloom workshops at Village Fabric Shop.  I haven’t been posting regularly but I’m changing all that!  The pattern is designed by Sue Cody and sold by Material Obsessions.

I have an amazingly talented group of women working on this quilt.  Here are a few photographs from some of the classes.   I don’t have a photograph of everybody but I’ll change that after the first of the year!  Thanks for your support ladies!!

Linda F’s three blocks.
Joyce M’s block.  Christmas fabrics.  Glorious fussy cutting.Sandra G’s block.  Did I mention I taught her how to applique?  hahaha

Debbie G’s bride.  Awesome leggings.  A+ background choice.

Paula L’s.  Same leaf fabric throughout the quilt.  Excellent!Kay S’s block.  So much right about this block!Jane F’s block.  It glows!

From another workshop:  Micol P.  Fabulous.

Jennifer H.  Background is muslin.  Perfect. Dot.  LOVE LOVE LOVE

Conni drives from Boone to see me.  She also makes great color choices.

Sandi’s work in progress.  Fabulous colors.

Jane P’s.  Love the ribbon in the hair!!

Sue J.  Kaffe.  Perfect.
Chris.  Love her yellow background!


More to come in January!!


The Joy of Less

We had a great show!!  Here’s what’s left; let me know if you are interested!!

I have A LOT of quilts.  Most of them are samples from the classes I have taught over the years.  I have been asked to sell some of them at a local art gallery here in Winston-Salem so  I’ll be joining my good buddies, Steph Skardal and Carole Dunn, on Saturday, July 21 at Blissful Studio and Gallery on 4th Street in Winston-Salem.  We are all pretty excited!

Here’s a little preview of several of the quilts.  All of these are in excellent condition.  If you are interested in one of them, or have questions, just let me know!  I hope they bring back happy memories for you!

African log Cabin 84″ x 95″  African fabrics.  $450

The Vera Wedding Quilt.  50″ x 59″  Button embellishment  $300


Hip to be Mod Baby Quilt.  45″ x 45″  $100

Baby Churn Dash 40″ x 40″  $150

Bride and Bloom: Progress Report

I started working on this fabulous applique quilt in late spring.  I’m hoping to teach it as a six-part class this fall.  I should finish the applique prep this week.  I still have LOTS of stitching to finish.  Here are some pictures of the process.

I stitched the stem and leaves for my first block.  Then I started adding “stuff.”I ended up with this.  I decided the vase fabric wasn’t right so I changed it…

…to this.  Not a huge difference but I like it.

Trying out some leaves for my second block.

Prepping Karen K Buckley Perfect Circles.  🙂
From the pattern……to the fabric.

Here are the bones for the Bride block.I pinned her parts together.  Remember paper dolls??  I used an Amy Butler fabric for her pinafore.

More stuff got added.  There’s lot of stuff in this quilt.  HAHAHAAlmost ready to stitch her together.  I really don’t like sticking pins in her.
She got moved to the small foam board mat.  I thought about removing her pantaloons but decided to leave them.Here she is all stitched up!  She does have a face!  I’ll show you in the next post.

Same process for the 4th block.  I stitched the stem and glued down the leaves.I prepped all the pieces.And here’s the final block.And here are all four of them on my sewing room floor.  We will talk more about that hexie sashing later.  🙂

I have finished prepping the borders, the sashing posts and three of the four corner blocks.   I’ll post more about those in the next couple of weeks.  Follow me on Instagram @kathleenbaden for progress reports.

I’m hoping to start teaching it in September.  Let me know if you are interested in joining this fabulous craziness!


Wednesday evening Open Sew

Fowler’s round robin is finished.Jennifer is machine quilting her round robin.

Here’s Laura’s.

Mindy’s round robin.
Steph worked on this in class.She sent me this picture of the finished product.
Her Riley Blake challenge quilt.Fowler’s Thistle Thicket.  Theresa DeWalt quilted this for her.Jennifer’s alphabet quilt.  She’s machine quilting this.  She used a 2.5 inch strip for her sashing and we loved the light teal background.A closeup of one of the blocks.Cupcake has shiny thread.  🙂
Fowler is hand quilting her Flowering Vine.  She’s using masking tape to mark her lines.It’s going to be beautiful.Liz’s hexagon quilt.  English paper pieced.  Hand appliqued.Jean’s sashiko quilt.

Fabulous hand quilting.

Liz’s alphabet quilt for her daughter.

Some of the blocks…I love them and her set is just wonderful.

Katie is stitching her alphabet quilt for her brand new baby.  My students are very busy!

Katie’s cross-stitch family…almost finished.Taylor’s shark quilt for her little boy.  This is her first quilt.  Self taught.Please note that all the sharks are swimming “right side up.”  Yay!!