La Pass Open House

We had a La Passacaglia Open House almost two weeks ago.  Lots of sharing!!Andrea e-mailed this picture to me.  So right!!

Robin also sent me a picture.  She has been very busy.  Sunshine!

Ginny P’s finish.  Theresa DeWalt quilted this for her.  It’s so fabulous!!  Why did I take only one picture???Joyce’s finish.  Quilted by Gina Allen.  She added a border.  It is the PERFECT frame!My favorite rosette in Joyce’s La Pass.  Who puts The Grinch in a La Pass???Fab.Mary Hil is DONE.  She is trimming it up.  Laura Davies is going to quilt hers…The bicycle rosette.
Close up!

Update:  Laura Davies quilted Mary Hil’s La Pass for her last week.  Here are a couple of pictures.

Pretty amazing!Laura loved it so much that she took a class from me to learn the technique.  She sent me this picture over the weekend.  You go Laura!!
Joan L’s rosettes.  She is going to use lavender stars for her rosettes.Jeanne’s start.  We liked her dark blues.

A good beginning!  It’s a long process…one step at a time.Carole is in one of my Open Sew groups and she brought her rosettes to class.  Those cats…She’s planning on making a deconstructed La Pass.  She will applique her rosettes on a background.Pretty awesome way to sew a star ring…somebody is always coming up with a better way…

Stay tuned!

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