What I Did in January

I taught my first 2018 class on New Year’s Day!!  Patsy and Katie wanted to learn the basics of the alphabet quilt so we started bright and early.  The sunshine was wonderful and we had a great time.


We had lots of days like this in January.Fortunately, our children gave us a new coffeemaker.  Ours was very old.  🙂  A good friend gave me the thermal cup:  sewing makes everything better.  For sure.  Hot coffee on a cold day.
I worked on my Bari J blocks.  Lots of log auditions.Settled on this color combo.Made this.

I started knitting a sweater for Roscoe.  He is very patient.

I worked on my #barijquiltalong blocks some more.Progress shot.  Not liking the rail fence at the bottom.  That will be a redo.  Fowler and I are pondering.
I taught a beginner embroidery class for “Nevertheless” at Jennifer’s house.  First time doing that.  Very fun!  She was a great hostess!

I taught this class a LOT in January.  This beauty belongs to Beverly.

My Meals on Wheels quilt.  I’m trying to make one quilt a month for their 2018 Christmas distribution.  My friend Carol M donated the flannel.

Remember my cross stitch piece from December?

I worked on this a lot in January.  🙂  I have a lot to do!  Bring on February!





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