Open Sew

Here are pictures from Wednesday’s Open Sew at Sew Original in Winston-Salem.

Cydney started us off with her bunny holder floss winders. Happy Easter!

She finished her Starry Night! Pattern is Starry Night from Sew Kind of Wonderful

Cydney’s 1.5″ hexie project

The beginning of Cydney’s new baby quilt. Pattern is Roundabout from Sharon Holland.

Oh Jane! Here’s the beginning of her Rainy Days and Sundays. Block of the Month pattern by Sarah Fielke.

Kay has started her Rainy Days. I am looking forward to watching these tops grow.

Kay has also started her Noah’s Journey blocks. I am teaching this as a beginner embroidery class at Sew Original. The shop has kits and floss available AND you get to use crayons!! Pattern from Crabapple Hill.

Paula has finished six of nine Tilda blocks. Sew Original has the fabric line and the inspiration comes from Paula’s granddaughter’s black hair and favorite yellow boots. Pattern is Windy Days

Debbie is the master of wool applique. If I knew how to enlarge this photo, I would so you could see her stitching. 🙂 Primitive Gatherings pattern. Sew Original has ordered ALL the very best embroidery needles from Primitive Gatherings….stay tuned. They are my favorite embroidery needles.

Debbie’s son gave her this quilt kit for Mother’s Day. We all sighed; so sweet of him. Fabric from Moda’s V and Company. It’s a beautiful collection of ombre fabrics.

Here’s just a section of Joyce’s Starry Night. She added a 2″ border to her finished quilt and we decided we loved it.

Joyce’s stitched turtles from Noah’s Journey! Great workmanship! Kits are available at Sew Original.

Here’s a partially stitched block. Joyce did a great job shading this. See how the stitching brings it all together?? Love it!

I did not get a picture of Joyce’s Rainy Days but I’ll post again next month.

It’s great to be back in the classroom. I’ll be sending a newsletter very soon with my classes. It’s not a huge schedule but you might just find something you like. Again, Happy Easter!

Beginner Applique Workshop

Flowering Vine

Wednesday, September 29 from 10:00 until 4:00 at Sew Original


I’m going to teach this class to The Quilters by the Sea Quilt Guild in Wilmington in November and I need some practice! 🙂 Come join me! This is a beginner HAND applique class limited to just two people.  Using Denyse Schmidt’s pattern, you will learn how to prep your background, make bias stem and turn leaf points.  I will also show you how to make PERFECT circles and I’ll give you some suggestions on how to quilt it.  It’s six hours of very fun applique techniques with a little break for lunch!   Limit 2

The Rodeo Reunion

We had a cow class reunion last weekend at Sew Original.  So much fun!!  Some of the quilts are finished.  Some of the cows are floating…looking for just the right background.  The pattern is Abilene from Laura Heine.  Sew Original has the patterns, supplies, etc.  I’m teaching it again on Tuesday, March 10 from 6:00 – 8:00.

Looking for a background…
and it will probably be this red Moda grunge.
Serenity cow  🙂 hanging out on his background.
  Babe the Blue Ox…
Happy cow!
Barbeque Sauce.
1/4″ strips from a jelly roll

Christmas fabrics!

Deciding on a background of pearls

Ready for the quilter.
Almost finished!  Working on that barn and fence.

Aren’t these amazing??  We have had such a good time!!  Check back for additions!!  Cows to come!!

Open Sew: 4th Wednesday morning

This group of women has SO MUCH TALENT.

Paula’s Coming Home quilt from Sarah Fielke’s 2019 Block of the Month.

Debbie’s wool blocks from Primitive Gatherings’ block of the WEEK. hahaha

Kay’s Coming Home quilt. Fun details in the windows!

Jane’s forest quilt. This is amazing.

All hand appliqued.

Cydney’s Swatch Quilt for her granddaughter.

Here’s another one.

One more from Cydney. This pattern should look familiar to my beginners! Beautiful fabric choices.

I asked Cydney to bring in her finished Tula Pink sampler quilt. It’s an ongoing block of the month at Sew Original. We loved her on-point set.

Jane finished her cow! She cut away a good bit of the background and I love how it turned out.

A great finish from Joyce. She used the BQ2 set for her block of the month blocks.

Joyce’s new bargello. We loved this!!

Who says my classes aren’t fun?? Joyce is having a big time cutting her pumpkin stem. hahaha (I have no idea who took this picture but I love it!!)

Happy Fall Y’all!!

Bride and Bloom Class Reunion

We had a class reunion last Saturday at Sew Original. It’s hard to describe how beautiful the quilts were. You really have to see them! We are planning on a January 2020 reunion and I’ll be in touch!

Joyce’s. Custom quilted by Laura Davies.

Sandra G’s. Waiting to be quilted by Theresa DeWalt…

Her bride.

Cydney’s black and white. She’s working on her borders.

Jane’ P’s. Headed to Theresa DeWalt this week…

Chris has four blocks and she’s working on the sashes. Chris finishes.

Micol’s. Quilted by Wendy Hughes.

Knife edge border.

Dot’s. Also knife-edged and I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of it. Quilted by Wendy Hughes.

Ginny P’s. Planning to knife edge her border and she’s saving up for the quilting. hahaha So am I Ginny, so am I.

Linda S’s. Linda couldn’t be there and she made arrangements for me to have her quilt. Thank you Linda!

Jane F’s. Jane was out of town but I had her quilt! Thanks Jane.

Here’s Conni’s beautiful top. She decided to stay in Boone where it’s not quite so HOT.

I’ll see everybody for our January 2020 reunion. Keep stitching and keep me posted!!

4th Wednesday Open Sew

Oh my. This is an incredibly talented group of women and here’s their show and tell…

Here’s Sandra’s Bride and Bloom. She used a patchwork sashing. It’s perfect for this quilt.

Linda is making a postage stamp quilt. These squares finish 2″ and the fabrics bring back great memories.

Jane is working on a William Morris applique quilt. It is beautiful!

Here’s Linda’s Tula Pink City Sampler quilt. (Sew Original has just started a Block of the Month class using this book. Check it out.) Linda set her blocks in a Tula rainbow!

Debbie and Paula have joined Primitive Gatherings’ wool block of the month, week and day. hahaha These sheep belong to Debbie.

These tiny little blocks are Deb’s also. She’s going to give me the sheep…

Blocks for a quilt to be.

Paula is making bigger blocks. These colors are fabulous.

Stitching on wool. The best.

Here’s Paula’s Coming Home Block of the Month from Sarah Fielke.

Here’s Kay’s. Love them both!!!

This quilt stole the show. Laura Davies quilted Joyce’s Bride and Bloom and here’s a sneak peek. The quilting is remarkable. Joyce’s applique is perfect and she is the MASTER of fussy cutting.

We are having a Bride and Bloom reunion on Saturday, July 13 from 1:00 until about 2:00 at Sew Original. Please come and see these beautiful quilts!

June Open Sew

We had our monthly Open Sew last week at Sew Original. Katie finished this unicorn pillow from Elizabeth Hartman Designs. It’s a birthday gift for her daughter. She used my favorite fabric 🙂

Here’s Lindsay’s fishy quilt for her new nephew! Lindsay is the mom of three little girls so she was power sewing last Thursday night! Great binding!

Hand quilted! She used the printed spirals on the background fabric as her guide.

Here’s Jennifer’s improv quilt. She took an improvisational piecing class from Denyse Schmidt at QuiltCon. Such a great message from the mom of two little girls.

Liz plans to gift these tea towels to her mother-in-law. I understand they are big UVA fans.

Love the hand embroidered hearts! I know they will be appreciated!

I’m working on Sarah Fielke’s 2019 Block of the Month. It’s intense and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been piecing for a LONG time but I’m always amazed by how much fabric a 1/4″ seam allowance really takes! This is a 4″ finished block.

Have a great month!

Bride and Bloom Saturday morning

What a morning at Sew Original!! My Saturday class is small but SO productive. Their work is beautiful and I know you will be inspired.

Sheila finished the prep for her fourth block.

Here are her four blocks. Beautiful!

Here’s Beverly’s finished center. Four big blocks. Nine posts. Twelve hexie sashes. Four corner posts. It is beautiful.

Her fourth block.

Those 3/8″ hexie baskets. Crazy good.

Well done Beverly!

Linda’s four blocks. Yay!

We loved her fourth block.

She has been busy with her hexies and her posts!

She also finished her four corner blocks! Yay Linda!

Finally…Ginny! We love your blocks and your hexies and your posts…

Fourth block. I love those pears!

Two of her corner posts.

The final two posts. Check out that rolled stem!

I’m so proud of all of them. I sent them home with top and bottom borders and we will see them in a month!

Bride and Bloom Monday morning

Our Monday morning Bride and Bloom class met last week at Sew Original.  Outstanding work.    Everybody has figured out there’s no turning back now!!  Keep moving forward!!This bride belongs to Chris.  Green pantaloons!

Kelly’s first block.  Vase is A+.  🙂  Lots of beautiful color combinations in this block.Micol’s blocks with her hexie sashes.  Micol is sewing the hexies and posts into rows and then attaching them to the blocks.  It’s a great idea.  Here’s her third block.  Those white daisies…Jane’s first three blocks and her hexie sashes.  She’s saving the hexie stitching while she watches UNC’s  basketball games.  🙂Her third block.  Soft beautiful colors.
Conni’s progress!Conni’s third block.  Great mix of solids, batiks, prints.  I love it!Her bride.  It’s one of my favorites.  I love her gray hair.Jennifer’s third block.  I can look at this block and tell she is enjoying it!Sandi’s blocks.  Great fabric choices!!  Of course I forgot to take a picture of just her third block.And last but certainly not least….Dot’s blocks!  Insane progress.  She is an inspiration!!

Bride and Bloom: Wednesday morning

Our Wednesday morning Bride and Bloom class met last week at Sew Original.  Here are their beautiful blocks; this is quite the SHOW!These belong to Sandra.  She has finished all her blocks and prepped her corner posts.Her 4th block.Another close-up. 🙂  We all have quilt envy.Joyce’s Christmas Bride and Bloom.  She’s auditioning her hexie sashes.Her 4th block.  Queen of fussy cutting.Her beautiful angel face, halo and outlined wings.  Jane’s four blocks.  She is also auditioning her hexie sashes.  I love the consistency of her leaves and the intensity of her color choices!Her 4th block.  We loved it!Kay’s four big blocks and some of her hexie sashes.  Show and tell is so inspiring!LOVE this block.

Cydney couldn’t be with us again because the weather wasn’t cooperating so she sent us this beautiful picture.

I’m so proud of all of these women and their five totally different quilts.  They have spent countless hours picking fabrics, prepping pieces and stitching their work.  It shows!  My next class meets tomorrow…I’ll be posting those pictures next week!