Wednesday Evening Open Sew

IMG_9138Jennifer’s mom stopped by Village Fabric Shop in October to share her “Alabama Chanin” pieces.  She takes classes at Mulberry Silks in Carrboro and she thought we might be interested in what she had made.  We were!IMG_9135Here’s a close-up of one the beautiful jackets she has created.  So pretty!  I’m really intrigued by this look.  Thanks so much for sharing Elizabeth!IMG_9139Steph’s hand embroidered flying geese top.  She worked on this during her summer trip to Iceland.
IMG_9140Fowler is binding her Serendipity Sampler.  Woo-hoo!

img_9276Her label prep.  I love this method.  It’s on Bonnie Hunter’s website.img_9282Jennifer’s boro bag.  I’ll be teaching this class at Trailer Stash Fabrics in November.  I experimented on the Wednesday night group.img_9280Laura’s beautiful bricks quilt.  This is from Skip the Borders.  I use that book to teach my beginner class.img_9279Laura also made this show stopper.  Don’t you love it??  The Plus Quilt!img_9275Mindy’s nursery quilt of equilateral triangles.  This is also a Jaybird Quilts pattern.  Congratulations Mindy!img_9274Jennifer’s table runner.  Jennifer dominates improv.  She takes random leftover blocks and makes beautiful patterns.

img_9472Here are a couple of the bags she made last month.  Those are her hexie blocks also.img_9470Steph’s newest finished quilt.  Beautifully quilted.
img_9466Carrie’s “Autumn in Linville” quilt.  We love it Carrie!


A new Serendipity Sampler class…

We started a new Serendipity Sampler class at Village Fabric Shop a couple of weeks ago.  Here are some pictures of three finished Samplers.  They will be a huge help to the “new kids” as they plan their blocks.img_9346This one belongs to Joyce, the queen of fussy cutting.  She used a variety of Tula Pink’s fabrics.  She replaced the piano key border with two inner borders and a one-fabric outer border.  Beautiful.
img_9350img_9351img_9333This pastel beauty belongs to Beverly.  She used a variety of Heather Bailey fabrics.  Her teal berries and that dark pink fabric give this quilt continuity.  BTW, Ginabean Quilts custom quilted all of these.  Love.img_9334img_9335img_9336img_9337img_9339This is Beverly’s SECOND Serendipity Sampler.  She used lots of Amy Butler and pulled from her collection of beautiful brights.  It is a show stopper.
Here’s the one that started it all.  :)  This belongs to me; I made it a long time ago.  My friend Sue, “reinterpreted it” in modern fabrics and we were off!  Thank you Sue!img_9355img_9354img_9353img_9352

Hope this helps my new students.  I’ll be posting their work soon.  No pressure!!!  HAHAHAHA


It’s September!

IMG_9159Here’s a wedding signature quilt that Deborah is making for her daughter.  She bordered each of the blocks in Denyse Schmidt’s fabric.  She used the huge design board at Trailer Stash Fabrics to plan it.  Her daughter will love it!IMG_9157

Just hooked a new appliquer.  This is a perfect bubble.  Jane is “living on the edge.”IMG_9158

“Let me see the back of your work.”  HAHA  Nice straight stitches on the back lead to invisible stitches on the front.IMG_9155I love it when my beginners just move forward.  Second quilt for Jane from Skip the Borders.  Yay!IMG_9129We were intrigued with Jennifer’s quilt.  Laminated back.IMG_9127Quilted by Karen Thompson.  Ice cream cone pantograph.  Very fun!IMG_9126

Here’s Gaye’s t-shirt quilt.  Nicely done!IMG_9116Carole’s latest log cabin.  I LOVE THIS.IMG_9113

Her newest sewing machine cover.IMG_9112A wall hanging for her husband.IMG_9111Her “Sew Mama Sew” modern sampler top.  Wow!IMG_9108One more log cabin.  Show worthy.IMG_9117Diana’s Alison Glass sampler.  If you like to embroider, these samplers are great.  The design is pre-printed; no drama trying to get it ready to stitch.  Layer the pattern with a backing fabric and you don’t have to worry about knots or shadowing as you stitch.  These are available at Village Fabric Shop.

img_9187Diana also tried stitching on a fat quarter of Alison Glass’s black and white fabric.  This looked great!  Gina has this out at Trailer Stash.img_9189Carole’s almost finished tuffet for her granddaughter.  img_9191

Jennifer’s FINISHED paper pieced quilt.  Yay!!img_9193

Her zippered bag for her La Passacaglia stuff.img_9194Inside.  No more zip lock bags for Jennifer!img_9199This is an armchair caddy she made.  Love the fabric choices!img_9205Alison’s first attempt at paper piecing.  Nicely done.img_9204Jennifer’s king-size quilt is officially under way.  This is another great quilt from Skip the Borders.img_9208My finished “Petals on a String.”  Sheri Collette quilted this; it’s hanging at Village Fabric Shop.  All Amy Butler fabric on that great green background.  Amy picked this and kits are available at her shop.


The Plus Experiment

IMG_8745Make some 8″ pluses.  This quilt is in Anna Graham’s new book, Handmade Style.  It measures about 40″ square finished.
IMG_8870Add a little big stitch hand quilting.  I used 50 wt. linen thread.  The lines are about an inch apart.

FullSizeRender (56)Back it in voile and bind it.  Yum.


Make some more green linen pluses and think about color combinations.

IMG_9101I’ll go with this one.  Have Laura Davies doing a little matchstick quilting.

IMG_9103Here’s a close-up of what she did on her domestic.  Amazing.
IMG_9105I did a little more matchstick quilting.  Yes I did.  Laura had it so stable that even I could do it!  I like the look of this matchstick.  Perfectly straight lines are awesome but these kinda wavy lines and different thread colors (Laura’s idea) make me really happy.img_9177Wash it and let it dry.  I just love how it looks!   It is soft and wonky and a little baby could be sitting in the middle of it.

img_9211One more.  This one was quilted by Laura on her long arm.

img_9212I gave her credit.  :)  I saw this bias tape binding method on Bonnie Hunter’s website several years ago.  I just love the look.

img_9209When I wash my quilts, I hang them over the shower rod to dry.  I don’t like to put them in the dryer until they are almost dry.  A wet red fabric can bleed in a too hot dryer.  Not good.

img_9210I love it!  I’m teaching “The Plus Experiment” as a class at Village Fabric Shop.  Go to my class schedule page for the dates.  I’m teaching it once a month.  Come to one or come to all of them.

I’m working on another one with different fabrics in the little pluses…


A Summer of La Pass Rosettes

IMG_8620Star ring.IMG_8652

Tada.  I love this one.  :)

IMG_8639Here are Joyce’s rosettes.  Remember that each rosette uses fabric from a quilt she has made.
IMG_8641This beautiful big rosette is from her Southern Album fabrics.  Happy memories!  Joyce is planning to use the same neutral fabric for all her stars.IMG_8643

Favorite tip ever.  Line your templates with 1/4″ ruler tape.  You will be able to find them on your cutting table!!  No more “where is my big pentagon template!??*@*$IMG_8825

Karen Thompson quilted this fabulous La Pass and shared it with us in class.  Wow!!  It belongs to Cathy McMann.   She has a great blog!  Yay!!  It was so wonderful to see a FINISHED one.IMG_8823
Karen has digitized a pattern for each of the shapes.  How awesome is that?  Beautiful quilting.IMG_8822
Here’s another picture of my progress.  I call it “Exploding Crayon Box.”  Just kidding.  Not.IMG_8829
Here’s a sample of Gina B’s beautiful rosettes.  Do you not love the solids??
We call this “The Sherbert LaPass.”  It’s just beautiful!IMG_8835
Here’s Karen’s plan.  Look at her pentagon flowers.  Love.IMG_8834

More rosettes.  More planning.IMG_8830
It will all come together!


Becky’s beautiful rosette.  IMG_8879
This fabric was her inspiration.  I want to steal it.IMG_8881
Katie’s first stars.  She is thinking about making all her stars the same colors….

More Katie.IMG_8882
Lion faces.
Honey bees.  This beautifulness happens when you stir Amy Butler and Tula Pink together.IMG_8885
Cats.  Look at that center.  Well done Katie.

Here’s Ann’s first rosette.  Ann, we love how you use color!!

Jennifer F has joined the craziness and had that fun first challenge we all face.  This way??

Or that way.  HAHA  So much fun!

FullSizeRender (57)
Rosette #3 for me.

I’m teaching La Pass on September 21 and September 24 from 10-2.   Come join the craziness!



Show and Tell

Here are some more summer pictures from classes and students…
IMG_8499My very happy yellow quilt for the little babies in NICU at Baptist Hospital.IMG_8336Michele’s fabric folding system.  I know I have talked about this before but it fascinates me.  I bought the card stock.  I need to find time to fold.  :)IMG_8337She stacks them upright in a book case.image1 (6)Emily sent me this picture.  It’s her second quilt.  (I taught her how to quilt.  :)IMG_0569Jane sent me this Beads picture.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I did NOT teach Jane to quilt; I learn lots from her.CAM00649Here’s Vaughn’s first quilt.IMG_8502And here’s Vaughn basting her first quilt at Village Fabric Shop.

IMG_8529This is what I ended up with when I randomly pulled my Tula Beads log cabin strips.  I really like it.
IMG_8543My dear friend, Barb, made this t-shirt quilt.  Pretty awesome!IMG_1371So Katie took Michelle’s folding method to heart.  She shared these pictures from her bookcase.

IMG_8659Sometimes you just KNOW it’s going to be a beautiful quilt.  This is Sister Brigid’s next quilt.IMG_8674Vaughn’s next quilt.  Original design.  Made for a friend who is not well.  She  quilted it herself.IMG_8673Amy made me make this; she picked the background.  HAHA  “Flowers on a String.”  I really like it.  It’s being quilted and I’ll teach it late this fall.  It’s fun!IMG_8672The back.IMG_8681Heart of the Triad Quilt Guild just celebrated its 20th anniversary.  I was honored to be the first president.  Here’s a picture of the signature quilt that the guild members made for me.IMG_8682Pigma pens do mark permanently.IMG_8743Gina Allen quilted this little fishy quilt for me.  I raw edge appliqued the fish and the bubbles.  Such a great baby quilt!


Just taught another beginner class.  Jane picked out fabrics for her October grandchild-to-be based on her daughter’s nursery color choices.  Her daughter is going to LOVE it!IMG_8861She sent me this picture after she finished the top.IMG_8839Here’s Sue’s beginner quilt on the design wall.  Sue is from Florida and her happy fabrics show it!  She was so much fun!  No pressure Sue just because Jane is done.  HAHAHA


Wednesday Evening Open Sew

IMG_8621There’s always something pretty fabulous going on in my Wednesday evening Open Sew.  Steph is marking her Irish chain in this picture.IMG_8624Fowler is appliqueing her Thistle Thicket.  SO pretty.IMG_8625Original design from Jennifer.  She gave this as a wedding gift to her sister…lucky sister.  :)IMG_8627Carrie’s Maple Leaf.  Blocks are finished; moving forward!IMG_8792Laura made this awesome clothesline basket in a class at Sewingly Yours.IMG_8791

We were impressed.IMG_8795Here’s the beginning of her next bench from Anna Graham’s book, Handmade Style.  IMG_8797Steph’s newest creation.  Original design.   Talented group of women.IMG_8798Katie’s La Pass.  She has a system.IMG_8799She wowed us with her smocked dresses.IMG_8800IMG_8801IMG_8802IMG_8803And finally, Laura’s equilateral triangles.  How’s that for perfect piecing??