February Open Sew…

Lots of beautiful projects out there.  Here are some pictures.img_0061The beginnings of a fishy quilt.  Perfect background Jan!  Your fish rocks…


A bubble from my beginner applique class.  She’s living on the edge.  🙂img_0043A beginner’s stitch.  She’s a fast learner!  “Let me see the back of your work.”img_0060Cynthia’s circle baby quilt.  I want to make this.  She’s using a 10 degree, 24″ long wedge ruler.
img_0058Linda’s metro rings.  I see progress.

img_0056Happy Valentine’s Day from Kay!  She bought a layer cake bundle from Village Fabric Shop’s yard sale and made this great quilt!
img_0055Alison came back with more improv.img_0054

img_0053She has started to do her own quilting.img_0052img_0051img_0049We like it when Alison comes 🙂img_0041Here’s my newest creation.  I made this for Margaret and Ben.  Gina is quilting it for me now…img_9979The before.  I’ll show you the after when she finishes…


Open Sew: January 2017

I got sort of behind on my blog posts after the holidays.  So here are lots of pictures.  I have Open Sews to come…I’ll try to stay current!

Special group of women….

img_9755Alison’s improv top.  Pretty awesome.  She wants to machine quilt it and then do some big stitch hand quilting.img_9754

Carol’s Christmas tree quilt.img_9747And another tree quilt from Carol.  Love the little green tree.img_9745Carol’s liberty quilt.  I love everything she does…
img_9740Diana’s advent calendar.  This is also awesome.  Each day has a special “something.”  I’m putting this on the list.img_9738The back.  It’s an old screen.img_9737Perfect.

img_9893Diana’s flying geese.  She dominates flying geese.img_9894Carol’s new pig pattern.  We are anxious to see the progress on this one!img_9895We kinda had a pig thing going.  This card belongs to Tillie.img_9897

Carol’s paper pieced beauty.img_9898Guess who this belongs to?  🙂
img_9899Tillie was trying to decide backgrounds.img_9900She chose gray.  The end result is beautiful.  I will show it to you when Gina finishes quilting it.

img_9959Laura made her very own bed protector for her featherweight.  Great job!img_9960Linda’s metro rings.  I love this pattern and her fabrics.
img_9962Kay.  Such beautiful colors.img_9964Jan is working on “critters.”  Beautiful batiks.img_9965Kay’s newest.  I want to make one of these too…img_9968Kay’s Giant Dresden.  Hey, I made one of these!



IMG_8273My label.1486079729672Here’s a beauty from Vaughn.  She made this using the Tula Beads pattern and shared the photo with me last week.  I love it!


Wednesday Evening Open Sew

Some random pictures from my Wednesday Open Sew.  They are fun and I missed them somehow in my posts.
img_9763The book bag Steph made for her daughter.

The back.  Pretty awesome right?img_9758Steph’s hand appliqued heart quilt.  Happy Valentine’s Day!img_9757Mindy is binding this quilt for her sweet baby girl.  Stella is now almost two months old.  🙂

img_9931Steph’s newest.  She thinks outside the box…img_9759Fowler’s La Pass rosette.  So Fowler; so pretty.

This group will meet in a couple of weeks.  I’m going to do a better job of picture taking!!


The beads quilt

It has just started to snow here.  “Snow=sew”  I hope you have a chance to do a little sewing this weekend!  Here are some pictures from some of the quilts from my 2016 “Tula Beads” class.  I’m offering it again in January.  Come join me!img_9644Here’s Vaughn’s excellent start.  img_9643

This one belongs to Joan.  Love her color choices!img_9642Roberta has decided to use a Halloween theme.  It’s kinda cool!IMG_8159This one belongs to Ann Davis.  She finished it earlier this summer.IMG_8158Cydney made this one and used “manatee gray” for the background.  Wow!

Here’s Sandra’s.  All batiks and absolutely beautiful!IMG_7719

I gave mine as a wedding gift this September.  I really want to make another one!  Tula has a new line coming in March…

Enjoy your weekend!


Open Sews

I have several Open Sews happening.  If you are interested in attending one, let me know.  We have great women making beautiful stuff!

img_9534Diana’s quilt.  Karen Thompson quilted this for her.  It is beautiful.

img_9536Her label has been pieced into the backing.

img_9540Carole’s disappearing 9-patch.  She quilted this herself.

img_9542Her pumpkins.  I LOVE the gray ones!

img_9545Here’s a Lazy Sunday pattern made from the newest Tula Pink collection.

img_9546Diana’s embroidery floss tin.

img_9547img_9734Here’s Laura’s beginner quilt.  She tried a new layout.  We liked it!

img_9651Vaughn’s batiks.

img_9649We loved this one!

img_9627Laura’s top is pin basted and ready for quilting.

img_9618Jennifer finished quilting her hexie quilt.  She was inspired by a pattern but this is basically an original design.img_9619


img_9574Ann’s foundaton pieced blocks.  Polka dots!img_9573Her first dresden.  This is big!

img_9631Mindy is going to have a baby very soon.

img_9633She is making beautiful quilts…img_9628img_9629img_9630and wonderful little puffies for her little girl.  So sweet!






La Pass Open House

We had a La Passacaglia Open House at Trailer Stash Fabrics last Sunday.  I have taught this technique to LOTS of people over the past ten months.  Here are some of the “progress pictures.”  Amazing.

img_9668Becky’s left side.

img_9666Beverly has her major work done.  Extra rosettes are on the left.

img_9663Joyce has finished her rosettes and it’s time to come up with a plan.  We are going to have a little sit down next week.  🙂

img_9669Ann decided to repurpose her rosette…

img_9670It’s a pretty wonderful little needlecase.  We loved it Ann!img_9474Karen Thompson is well on her way with her La Pass!  We met about a month ago and pinned up her rosettes.  It’s pretty wonderful.

img_9484Here’s mine.  The bottom left quadrant is together and I’m working on the bottom right.  I hope to have it finished in the spring of 2017.


I taught a La Pass class at Trailer Stash a couple of Saturdays ago.  Here’s Weeta’s first rosette.  Her outer row of pentagons is pretty fun.

img_9514Margaret’s.  Love the center.

img_9511She couldn’t decide which arrangement she liked better.



img_9509Jennifer had the same decision to make.  #1


img_9515She ended up with this.  We loved it.

img_9626Jennifer went home and machine zig-zagged her pieces together.  It’s a game changer Jennifer!!

img_9625This is pretty amazing.

img_9576Ann has been busy!  img_9578Tula plays so nicely with Amy Butler.img_9579One of my favorites.

img_9616This beautiful little beginning belongs to Barbara.

img_9617She ended up with this.  Barbara was my last “Trailer Stash La Pass” student.  ):  I have lots of happy memories from those La Pass classes.  Thank you Gina.

I’ll be teaching it at Village Fabric Shop in December and then again in 2017.   Come join me for a little lesson on how to get started!



The Boro Bag

IMG_8751My newest obsession.  Gina and I are going to teach this technique as an all day workshop at Trailer Stash Fabrics on November 21.  IMG_8752Here’s a close-up of some of the stitching.IMG_8753Another side of the bag.IMG_8755You will need a couple of orphan blocks for this great little bag.  Mark some quilting lines.  Layer up the block with a leftover piece of batting and pin baste it.

Hand stitch the lines.  I like to quilt lines at the top, middle and bottom and then go back and fill in with additional quilting.IMG_8756

You can see the lines in this picture.  I used an Eno pen to mark them.IMG_8774Close up of the finished bag.  I used a Noodlehead tutorial to make my bag.  Anna Graham writes the BEST tutorials.IMG_8772I also used an iron-on laminate for the inside lining.  Perfect cosmetic bag!IMG_8771And there you go.IMG_8775Plain stitching is sometimes just the best.IMG_8773

20160824_231422I “experiment” on groups before I teach the actual class.  Here’s Jennifer’s finished bag.  She used double gauze and a great pink thread for her quilting.

Let us know if you are interested in the class!  Again, it’s a great way to use up old blocks and they make perfect gifts for this time of year…