The Rodeo Reunion

We had a cow class reunion last weekend at Sew Original.  So much fun!!  Some of the quilts are finished.  Some of the cows are floating…looking for just the right background.  The pattern is Abilene from Laura Heine.  Sew Original has the patterns, supplies, etc.  I’m teaching it again on Tuesday, March 10 from 6:00 – 8:00.

Looking for a background…
and it will probably be this red Moda grunge.
Serenity cow  🙂 hanging out on his background.
  Babe the Blue Ox…
Happy cow!
Barbeque Sauce.
1/4″ strips from a jelly roll

Christmas fabrics!

Deciding on a background of pearls

Ready for the quilter.
Almost finished!  Working on that barn and fence.

Aren’t these amazing??  We have had such a good time!!  Check back for additions!!  Cows to come!!

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