Wednesday evening Open Sew

Fowler’s round robin is finished.Jennifer is machine quilting her round robin.

Here’s Laura’s.

Mindy’s round robin.
Steph worked on this in class.She sent me this picture of the finished product.
Her Riley Blake challenge quilt.Fowler’s Thistle Thicket.  Theresa DeWalt quilted this for her.Jennifer’s alphabet quilt.  She’s machine quilting this.  She used a 2.5 inch strip for her sashing and we loved the light teal background.A closeup of one of the blocks.Cupcake has shiny thread.  🙂
Fowler is hand quilting her Flowering Vine.  She’s using masking tape to mark her lines.It’s going to be beautiful.Liz’s hexagon quilt.  English paper pieced.  Hand appliqued.Jean’s sashiko quilt.

Fabulous hand quilting.

Liz’s alphabet quilt for her daughter.

Some of the blocks…I love them and her set is just wonderful.

Katie is stitching her alphabet quilt for her brand new baby.  My students are very busy!

Katie’s cross-stitch family…almost finished.Taylor’s shark quilt for her little boy.  This is her first quilt.  Self taught.Please note that all the sharks are swimming “right side up.”  Yay!!

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