The Joy of Less

We had a great show!!  Here’s what’s left; let me know if you are interested!!

I have A LOT of quilts.  Most of them are samples from the classes I have taught over the years.  I have been asked to sell some of them at a local art gallery here in Winston-Salem so  I’ll be joining my good buddies, Steph Skardal and Carole Dunn, on Saturday, July 21 at Blissful Studio and Gallery on 4th Street in Winston-Salem.  We are all pretty excited!

Here’s a little preview of several of the quilts.  All of these are in excellent condition.  If you are interested in one of them, or have questions, just let me know!  I hope they bring back happy memories for you!

African log Cabin 84″ x 95″  African fabrics.  $450

The Vera Wedding Quilt.  50″ x 59″  Button embellishment  $300


Hip to be Mod Baby Quilt.  45″ x 45″  $100

Baby Churn Dash 40″ x 40″  $150

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