Open Sew September

This needlepoint nutcracker belongs to Carole.  I am fascinated by this whole process.  She bought it at a needlework shop in Chapel Hill.  I was in Chapel Hill this week and ordered a Cam Newton Christmas ornament.  I guess I’m going to learn how to needlepoint!

Here’s Steph’s original design needlework.  Here’s her original design sashiko quilt.  Those white lines are 1/4″ finished.  Beautifully done.

Of course we made pumpkins in Open Sew…Here’s another pumpking grouping from Monday morning.  I love them all!!
Mindy’s insanely fabulous alphabet quilt for Stella, her daughter.

Stella is a beautiful little girl.

Liz made this alphabet quilt for her son, Peter.  LOVE the alphabet border.  She did the machine quilting; just so good!And then there’s Fowler’s fabulous embroidery.And her hand appliqued Christmas tree quilt.

Diana’s “Skip the Borders” polka dot quilt.  Love.Carole shared her 9/11 quilt.  She pieced it before that terrible day.

And finally there’s Steph A’s next quilt!  I taught her how to piece about a year ago.   My word, she makes beautiful quilts!!

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