Round Robin

Round Robin quilts.  Make a center block.  Pass it to the next person.  They add a border…my Wednesday evening Open Sew has taken the concept to another level.  Check this out.

Here are the orginal blocks made at last year’s retreat.  They taped them to a door and we took a picture.Jennifer added to Mindy’s top.Carrie added a border.

Steph turned it on point.Laura added the first border to Steph’s.Fowler, our resident appliquer, took a turn.Then Mindy added 1/2″ finished strips.Carrie started Jennifer’s off with some on-point mermaids.Steph’s turn for a chain of squares border.

Laura’s piano keys.
Jennifer added a  border to Fowler’s after Mindy added the triangles.Then Carrie’s border.Fowler added applique to Laura’s.Mindy followed with a pieced border.Jennifer’s turn.Steph added to Carrie’s.

Laura added some borders then Fowler had a turn at applique.

Pretty awesome aren’t they??  I’m sure I got something wrong in all of that (and I’m sure they will let me know) but I’m very proud of all of them!  Two more rotations…


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