I finished my La Pass!

I finished my La Passacaglia!  Here’s a picture of the last seam.  I joined the top half to the bottom half.  Time to fill in some spots and finish.

Here’s my upper left corner.  I made my La Pass a tiny bit bigger so I had to get creative on the corners.  ( I didn’t follow the directions.)


I know it looks tedious, but I was sort of nostalgic.  I knew I was finishing up…

Here it is trimmed and ready for Gina to quilt.

And here it is back home…her work was outstanding.

A close-up.So I entered it the 2017 Asheville show and it won a ribbon.  Yay!!  I got to hang out with Cheryl and see some beautiful quilts!

FYI, Joyce, Ginny and Beverly have finished their tops.  Joyce is working on borders.  Ginny’s is at the quilter’s and Beverly is appliqueing her top to a background.  I’ll share finished pictures.  So proud of them!!!


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