Open Sew October

It’s all about the Christmas tree skirt!!  This one belongs to Laura.Steph’s maze quilt.  She is aMAZEing.  HahahahaJennifer’s bargello.  I told her she couldn’t make it that way but she didn’t listen to me.  🙂  It is beautiful Jennifer.
Fowler’s state of South Carolina.Fowler has consumed the embroidery Kool-Aid.  She is using hand dyed silk floss and we are all envious.
Heres’s Carole’s latest.  This is framed over a canvas.  Maybe 24″ x 36″?  Very cool look.Meet Lola and Olive!!  This is so incredibly fabulous.  Carole has just finished it.  It’s probably 36″ wide for scale?It is a fabric collage and we were all in awe.  Here’s a close-up of her eye.She will layer and quilt it and we can’t wait!Katie joined us and showed off her latest creations.  Covered buttons.Insane piping and embroidery.Cutest little girl shorts ever.And the smocking…And last but not least, her headless cross stitch family.  🙂

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