Serendipity Sampler

We had our Serendipity Sampler block of the month class this week at Village Fabric Shop.  Lots of progress!img_9972Kelly’s beautiful Serendipity Sampler blocks.  #1img_9973#2.  Look at the bird’s nest.img_9974#3  Just finished.  Beautiful batiks on a beautiful background.

img_0200Here are her four blocks.  All batiks.  Beautiful!

img_0201Remember those “oak leaves” in Serendipity?  Well, Kelly actually MADE them.  img_0202Beautiful work.

img_9970Her husband made a “lazy Susan” pressboard.  How cool is this?  It rotates as needed so pieces are so easy to prep!  I want one!


img_1957Here are Jane’s blocks.  She’s working from a Tula collection. img_1959The brooms.img_1960The first block.  Beautiful control!

img_0198All four blocks.  She’s thinking about her layout.  #1


#2  🙂  No bad choices here.

img_0191I trimmed her bird block for her.  There’s a new tutorial on how to trim applique blocks under my tutorials tab if you want to check.

20170126_105554And then there’s this one.  Sue’s absolutely fabulous finished quilt.  Gina Boone quilted this for her.  I saw it last week at Village Fabric Shop.  Sue was choosing her binding.  It is glorious.


Well done Sue!


2 thoughts on “Serendipity Sampler

  1. Linda Jones

    All of these are so fabulous. Everyone did a great job. Fantastic teacher too. Kelly I want one of those rotating boards too.


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