La Passacaglia pictures

This workshop has been so much fun.  This little rosette center belongs to Conni.  We like to play around with centers.img_9943


or #2??img_9945Amy Butler fabric


#2 won.  hahaimg_0011Sue’s beautiful first rosette.  The stripes in the second round…img_0008#1?img_0009#2img_0012#1 this time.  Chris used a black for her second round.  Perfect frame.

img_9564Here’s a progress picture of mine.img_9759Fowler’s… so pretty.  Fowler is going to use this as the center of a round robin quilt.  She said she learned the technique and she’s going to move on!  Love the idea Fowler!

img_0045MC.  #1?img_0044#2.  See how much fun this is??  You can’t even get past the center of the first rosette without pondering.img_0047Peggy’s.  Oh my.

img_8422Second round.  Perfect.

img_0067One of my last rosettes.img_0068I went with #2 and colored the outside edge with a pigma pen.  🙂img_0069Auditioning.img_0074There it is.img_0073On the design wall.img_0092Filling in the blanks.

I have fabulous pictures from the Open House.  I will share those next week!

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