February Open Sew…

Lots of beautiful projects out there.  Here are some pictures.img_0061The beginnings of a fishy quilt.  Perfect background Jan!  Your fish rocks…


A bubble from my beginner applique class.  She’s living on the edge.  🙂img_0043A beginner’s stitch.  She’s a fast learner!  “Let me see the back of your work.”img_0060Cynthia’s circle baby quilt.  I want to make this.  She’s using a 10 degree, 24″ long wedge ruler.
img_0058Linda’s metro rings.  I see progress.

img_0056Happy Valentine’s Day from Kay!  She bought a layer cake bundle from Village Fabric Shop’s yard sale and made this great quilt!
img_0055Alison came back with more improv.img_0054

img_0053She has started to do her own quilting.img_0052img_0051img_0049We like it when Alison comes 🙂img_0041Here’s my newest creation.  I made this for Margaret and Ben.  Gina is quilting it for me now…img_9979The before.  I’ll show you the after when she finishes…

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