The Boro Bag

IMG_8751My newest obsession.  Gina and I are going to teach this technique as an all day workshop at Trailer Stash Fabrics on November 21.  IMG_8752Here’s a close-up of some of the stitching.IMG_8753Another side of the bag.IMG_8755You will need a couple of orphan blocks for this great little bag.  Mark some quilting lines.  Layer up the block with a leftover piece of batting and pin baste it.

Hand stitch the lines.  I like to quilt lines at the top, middle and bottom and then go back and fill in with additional quilting.IMG_8756

You can see the lines in this picture.  I used an Eno pen to mark them.IMG_8774Close up of the finished bag.  I used a Noodlehead tutorial to make my bag.  Anna Graham writes the BEST tutorials.IMG_8772I also used an iron-on laminate for the inside lining.  Perfect cosmetic bag!IMG_8771And there you go.IMG_8775Plain stitching is sometimes just the best.IMG_8773

20160824_231422I “experiment” on groups before I teach the actual class.  Here’s Jennifer’s finished bag.  She used double gauze and a great pink thread for her quilting.

Let us know if you are interested in the class!  Again, it’s a great way to use up old blocks and they make perfect gifts for this time of year…

2 thoughts on “The Boro Bag

  1. Laura

    Hi Kathleen,

    If I were in town, I’d be there. Next time.

    Thanks again for a great sew day! Laura

    Sent from my iPad



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