La Pass Open House

We had a La Passacaglia Open House at Trailer Stash Fabrics last Sunday.  I have taught this technique to LOTS of people over the past ten months.  Here are some of the “progress pictures.”  Amazing.

img_9668Becky’s left side.

img_9666Beverly has her major work done.  Extra rosettes are on the left.

img_9663Joyce has finished her rosettes and it’s time to come up with a plan.  We are going to have a little sit down next week.  🙂

img_9669Ann decided to repurpose her rosette…

img_9670It’s a pretty wonderful little needlecase.  We loved it Ann!img_9474Karen Thompson is well on her way with her La Pass!  We met about a month ago and pinned up her rosettes.  It’s pretty wonderful.

img_9484Here’s mine.  The bottom left quadrant is together and I’m working on the bottom right.  I hope to have it finished in the spring of 2017.


I taught a La Pass class at Trailer Stash a couple of Saturdays ago.  Here’s Weeta’s first rosette.  Her outer row of pentagons is pretty fun.

img_9514Margaret’s.  Love the center.

img_9511She couldn’t decide which arrangement she liked better.



img_9509Jennifer had the same decision to make.  #1


img_9515She ended up with this.  We loved it.

img_9626Jennifer went home and machine zig-zagged her pieces together.  It’s a game changer Jennifer!!

img_9625This is pretty amazing.

img_9576Ann has been busy!  img_9578Tula plays so nicely with Amy Butler.img_9579One of my favorites.

img_9616This beautiful little beginning belongs to Barbara.

img_9617She ended up with this.  Barbara was my last “Trailer Stash La Pass” student.  ):  I have lots of happy memories from those La Pass classes.  Thank you Gina.

I’ll be teaching it at Village Fabric Shop in December and then again in 2017.   Come join me for a little lesson on how to get started!


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