The Stitch Book

I have developed a new embroidery class for Trailer Stash Fabrics.  It’s based on Kelly Fletcher’s embroidery pattern.  You can find it here.IMG_8546Here’s a close-up of “Wild Grasses.”  It was challenging but I really enjoyed it.IMG_8645A wider shot.FullSizeRender (55)I developed a “stitch book” to teach the stitches necessary to do the piece.  Practice in the stitch book and then work the big piece.IMG_8496Here are some sweet granitos.

IMG_8649The blanket stitch page.

img_9428I have taught the class several times.  It’s working out nicely.  Students go home with lots of threads dangling.  Ha!

img_9436We start out with chain, back and stem stitches and just keep moving forward!

img_9430img_9434We have even learned to make the elusive bullion knots!

img_9437Here’s a cast-on stitch.

img_9439More extremely good looking bullions!

img_9184The resurgence of embroidery is exciting.  This beautiful Alison Glass piece belongs to Diana.

img_9361Here’s another piece from Diana.


I’ll be teaching “The Stitchbook” at Trailer Stash Fabrics in November.  I’m planning on adding a night/weekend class before the end of the year.  Interested?  Let me know!


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