La Passacaglia update

Our La Passacaglia workshops are in full swing.  Wow!  Do I have some eye candy for you!!  Be inspired and send me your pictures!

IMG_8079We met last Wednesday.  Here’s one of Karen’s rosettes.

IMG_8087And another that she started in class.  She had several others and I didn’t get a picture of them. Trust me when I tell you she has a great look!

IMG_8077Here are some of Jackie’s rosettes.

IMG_8078My fav.

IMG_8068Joyce came back to class; she was well prepared!

IMG_8069These belong to her.  We use foam core board to hold our rosettes until they are sewn together.

IMG_8070She used 1/2 square triangles for the center of this one.

IMG_8071Her fabrics are from all the quilts she has made.  This is close to my heart.

IMG_8085This is her Seattle rosette.  How special is this??

IMG_8072My fav.

IMG_8073Here’s Beverly S’s first rosette.  Yes, that is a fussy cut star.  It is so awesome.

IMG_8075And her second.  11 days since her first workshop.  I’m betting on her.

IMG_8004Ann couldn’t be at class but I took a picture of her first rosette.  I love this!

IMG_8005Fowler came to the Saturday workshop and learned the technique.  I’m taking credit for those stitches.

IMG_8024She got along quite nicely.

fowler's la pass March 2016She sent me this picture.  Hooked.

IMG_8007Beverly continues to amaze us.

I worked with her a couple of weeks ago to plan a section of her quilt.

IMG_8003It’s coming along quite nicely wouldn’t you say?


Ginny is her partner in crime.

IMG_8001She has started to add her stars.

IMG_7883Sue came over a few weeks ago to help me plan a section of mine.  We came up with this.IMG_7890

I added some “parts.”IMG_7898

Here’s a closeup of that top teal rosette.

IMG_7992And here’s the finished product.  Fun!

IMG_8051I’ve started on my second section.

IMG_8065We all know it is all about the tools.  Nobody knows more about tools than Joyce M.  Here’s her new light.

IMG_8063Here’s the box it came in because I know you all want one.

IMG_8066Here’s her new Superbob of colors.  I am very jealous of this.

Next workshop is Sunday, April 3 from 2:00 until 6:00.  The Wednesday workshop will meet on April 20 from 10:00 until 2:00.  The Saturday workshop will meet on April 30 from 10:00 until 2:00.  Come join the craziness!!!

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