Fat Stacks March

IMG_7919Tanna’s newest baby quilt.  Love these colors Tanna!
IMG_7923The back.  Grayson is a lucky little guy.
IMG_7924Tanna brought her newest favorite bookIMG_7925along with the whale quilt for her son.
IMG_7927Here’s the back.  Gina Allen quilted this one.
IMG_7929She made this envelope pillow from the leftovers, using the pattern from her newest favorite book.  🙂IMG_7931The back of the pillow.
IMG_7934A notebook from her newest favorite book.IMG_7935The inside.IMG_7933Her fab creation from a Dr. Seuss panel.IMG_7936

Another beauty.  (We had not seen Tanna for a while.  She had lots of show and tell.  🙂IMG_7939The Moda block of the month.  I love this Tanna!

IMG_7941The Tula back.
IMG_7943Martha Claire’s very first quilt.  Hand quilted.  It’s awesome Martha Claire!IMG_7947Her log cabin for her church choir room.  IMG_7949

The back.IMG_7950Kay’s baby quilt top from Moda Bake Shop.IMG_7951

The most awesome prairie points.

Debbie’s pincushion from Anna Graham’s new book, Handmade Style.  WE LOVE THIS BOOK.IMG_7955

Side view.IMG_7957

Front of market tote.  Waiting on black leather handles.  IMG_7958


Inside.  Awesome.IMG_7960

Paula’s pincushion.  Love.IMG_7961


Top.  Want.IMG_7963

One of Paula’s Pixie baskets from Fabric Mutt.  These are perfect Easter baskets!IMG_7966

Diana’s wonky stars.  Quilting makes the quilt!IMG_7968

Karen Thompson quilted this for her.IMG_7970

The back.IMG_7971

Martha Claire’s finished block of the month block from Sew Mama Sew.  Nice workmanship!IMG_7972

My log cabin tutorial.IMG_7980

Ann’s newest creation.IMG_7978Our best wishes go with you Tanna!  Remember your NC friends!!

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