Our April Fat Stacks meeting

IMG_8163Carole finished “Lazy Sunday.”  It’s a great color combination.

IMG_8181Amy finished one too!  Yay Amy!

IMG_8165Carole’s batiks quilt.

IMG_8166The back.  Carole said it was an oldie that just needed binding.

IMG_8173Diana’s coasters.   Nice job on the circular binding!

IMG_8174The beginning of her next quilt.

IMG_8175We are in love with her text fabrics.  Something new to collect!!!

IMG_8176Jennifer’s penguin quilt.  So stinkin’ cute.

IMG_8169Carole’s newest finish.  We all wanted this one.

IMG_8170Her last two blocks from the Sew Mama Sew block of the month.


IMG_8172The inside of Diana’s daughter’s bag.  Diana, you do the BEST work with these!

IMG_8178Our fishy quilt tutorial.  This is off to Gina to be quilted…stay tuned.

IMG_3996How about THIS top from Kaye T?

IMG_3995She was trying to decide which fish to use.  #1 won.  🙂

IMG_8143Here’s a show and tell from me.  Paula gave me this kit a LONG time ago.  I just finished it.

IMG_8159I have to add these three photos from my “Beads” class.  Here’s Ann’s.  It’s a mix of her fabrics.

IMG_8157Sandra’s batik “Beads.”  It glows.

IMG_8158Cydney’s Tula “Beads.”  She used manatee gray from Free Spirit.  I want to make another one…


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