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Thistle Thicket progress pictures


Debbie’s Thistle Thicket Center.  Wow!   She reverse appliqued that dark center ring.  Genius.


Here’s her patchwork border and her large border fabric.

IMG_6628Her “proposed” circles.  We like.  🙂

IMG_6622Mary Ann’s beauty.  Mary Ann repeated the same fabrics.  It’s a very soothing center.

IMG_6623Patchwork inner border and gray Joel Dewberry outer border.  Love.

IMG_6625Here’s a closeup of Mary Ann’s petals and plumes.  It does not get any better than that!

IMG_6632Ann’s center.  We were absolutely wild about this one.  She’s using the Alison Glass border as her inspiration.  Check out the different colors in her four bulbs/petals/plumes.   Fabulous.

IMG_6634The circles and leaves are just cut-outs.  She was “experimenting.”  We all do that!  🙂

IMG_6635She’s making two….

IMG_6636Here’s the center with her border fabric.  She fussy cut those thistles as one piece.  They look like little owls.  Perfect.

IMG_6637A closeup of the border fabric.  LOVE.

Paula also finished her center but of course I forgot to take a picture of it.  I’m such a good friend.  Trust me, it’s pretty wonderful.  She did some pretty cool stuff with lights and darks.  Sorry Paula!  I’ll post extra pictures next month!!!

IMG_6639Here’s the progress from another class.  They are just finishing the “Tinkertoy centers.”  Here’s Kay’s color palette.  What is not to love about this one???  So glad you are joining us Kay!

IMG_6640Here’s Alice’s center.  Wait until next month!  She is on her way to wonderfulness.

IMG_6642Helen’s center.  She’s using the same border fabric as Mary Ann for her inspiration.  She’s just adding a little coral for some fun.  So proud of her!

IMG_6643Becky’s stick center.  🙂  That’s a printed background folks.  Such a good choice!  Just wait until next month.

Darla chose a dark gray background and she has some glowing fabrics for it!  Progress is being made.

Hope these photos help you in your Thistle Thicket journey!  Let me know how I can help.  Beautiful work!

The Thistle Thicket Quilt

Lots of pictures to show you from my Thistle Thicket hand applique classes.

IMG_6524Ginny finished hers FIRST.  Yay Ginny!  She used a group of Liberty fabrics and a touch of Tula Pink pink 🙂 for hers.  It’s ready for the quilter!

IMG_6482Here it was just last Sunday during our class.  Check out that blue leaf placement.

IMG_5945An earlier class picture.

IMG_6485Here’s Beverly’s TThicket using flax Essex linen for the background and Liberty fabrics for the applique.  It feels wonderful.

20150920_111055Here’s a close up of Bev’s from a previous class.

20150824_114356Her Tinkertoy center.

IMG_6487Here’s Bev’s second Thistle Thicket center.  Yep, same quilter, just a different quilt.  How fun is that??

20150819_140215How it all started.

IMG_0107Here’s Linda S’s progress.  My oh my.  We marveled at this one.

IMG_6187From an earlier class.

IMG_6489Fowler’s center.  She’s using a collection of Amy Butler on a pale yellow background.  Very Fowler.

IMG_7259Cydney’s “Elizabeth.”  She has started her swags.  That gray is pretty fabulous.

IMG_6197Here’s an earlier shot of Cydney’s.

IMG_6403Here are some more shots from other classes.  Mary Ann’s center.  She’s using a new Joel Dewberry.

IMG_6404Ann’s center.

IMG_6405Here’s a shot of her border print.

IMG_6406Ann’s second quilt.  (What can I say?  I inspire people to make more than one 🙂  She used Moda Grunge for her background.  It’s not showing up here but it glows.

IMG_6407She’ll use Alison Glass for her border.  Fab.

IMG_6411Deb’s center.  Wow.   She’s using a diagonal set for her patchwork center.

IMG_6409Deb reverse appliqued the outer ring.  Brilliant.

IMG_6410She’s also the student who taught me about dangling threads.  See that silk thread?  When she places her next piece of applique, she will thread her needle with that thread and finish stitching.  No need to tie off or start over.  Genius.

IMG_6412Here’s her patchwork border and her outer border.  Just a little more applique.  🙂

IMG_6414Sandra is making a quilt for her son.  Don’t tell him.

IMG_6415Here’s her border fabric.  She has a muted collection.  It is going to be wonderful.

IMG_6416Paula’s start.  I LOVE THIS.IMG_6417Her patchwork border.  She forgot to bring her outer border but trust me.  It’s gorgeous.  I’ll show it to you next time.

That’s all for now!  A new session of Thistle Thicket will start in January.  Think about joining us!


Thistle Thicket Month 1: Erector Sets

IMG_5937Here are the blocks from our first Thistle Thicket applique class.  Linda F’s center.  She’s using Alison Glass Ex Libris.  Love the diagonal center.

IMG_5940Cydney’s center.  She’s nicknamed hers “Head on a Stick.”  Stay tuned.  🙂

20150824_114356Bev couldn’t be with us.  She sent me this photograph.  She wasn’t sure she was going to lie this one so she started a second one.


Ha!  Bev likes a challenge.  We can’t wait to see what you do!

IMG_5941Fowler’s!  Do you not love those striped stems?

IMG_5939Linda S’s center.  She set her patchwork on the diagonal.  Excellent workmanship and I love the rich purples.

IMG_5938Ginny’s beautiful Liberty fabrics.  I was able to sit with her at an Open Sew this week and watched her add this.


Ha!  Too much fun!  Tula meets Liberty.  Ka-boom!  Beautiful!

These six women put a lot of thought into their fabric selections.  They are all excellent hand appliquers.  The class is going to be a lot of fun and I am a very fortunate teacher.

IMG_5395Next month they should come back with centers looking like this…

IMG_5417and then this.  No goofing off in my classes!

Thistle Thicket

IMG_5607This quilt might just move into my Top 5 favorites of all time.



Theresa DeWalt did the quilting for me.IMG_5590 (1)

It’s “Thistle Thicket.”  The pattern comes from Kim Diehl’s book, Simple Comforts.  The finished quilt is hanging at Village Fabric Shop in Reynolda Village.

IMG_5385I posted “progress pictures on Instagram this week. 






Pretty fun!  I’ll be teaching it this fall as a block of the month at Village Fabric Shop.  Let me know if you want more details.

fowler's thistle thicketI am teaching a small group now to “work out the bugs.”  Here’s Fowler’s fabric selection.  Stay tuned!