Thistle Thicket progress pictures


Debbie’s Thistle Thicket Center.  Wow!   She reverse appliqued that dark center ring.  Genius.


Here’s her patchwork border and her large border fabric.

IMG_6628Her “proposed” circles.  We like.  🙂

IMG_6622Mary Ann’s beauty.  Mary Ann repeated the same fabrics.  It’s a very soothing center.

IMG_6623Patchwork inner border and gray Joel Dewberry outer border.  Love.

IMG_6625Here’s a closeup of Mary Ann’s petals and plumes.  It does not get any better than that!

IMG_6632Ann’s center.  We were absolutely wild about this one.  She’s using the Alison Glass border as her inspiration.  Check out the different colors in her four bulbs/petals/plumes.   Fabulous.

IMG_6634The circles and leaves are just cut-outs.  She was “experimenting.”  We all do that!  🙂

IMG_6635She’s making two….

IMG_6636Here’s the center with her border fabric.  She fussy cut those thistles as one piece.  They look like little owls.  Perfect.

IMG_6637A closeup of the border fabric.  LOVE.

Paula also finished her center but of course I forgot to take a picture of it.  I’m such a good friend.  Trust me, it’s pretty wonderful.  She did some pretty cool stuff with lights and darks.  Sorry Paula!  I’ll post extra pictures next month!!!

IMG_6639Here’s the progress from another class.  They are just finishing the “Tinkertoy centers.”  Here’s Kay’s color palette.  What is not to love about this one???  So glad you are joining us Kay!

IMG_6640Here’s Alice’s center.  Wait until next month!  She is on her way to wonderfulness.

IMG_6642Helen’s center.  She’s using the same border fabric as Mary Ann for her inspiration.  She’s just adding a little coral for some fun.  So proud of her!

IMG_6643Becky’s stick center.  🙂  That’s a printed background folks.  Such a good choice!  Just wait until next month.

Darla chose a dark gray background and she has some glowing fabrics for it!  Progress is being made.

Hope these photos help you in your Thistle Thicket journey!  Let me know how I can help.  Beautiful work!

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