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La Pass Open House

Here are some pictures from last Saturday’s La Passacaglia Open House at Village Fabric Shop.  Absolutely beautiful work…

These rosettes belong to Chris.  She found a few new Amy Butler fat quarters to add to her collection.  🙂


Jennifer’s machine appliqued rosettes.  She uses a small zig zag with monofilament.  It works!


This fabulousness belongs to Joyce.  She needed to sew her middle seam together to finish.  I received an e-mail from her just a few minutes ago that she was DONE.  Yay Joyce!!  Now she is shopping for a border….and taking out lots of papers.  🙂

Joyce’s from another angle.  So many wonderful quilt memories.  We are going to get together to trim it…


Robin walked in with these beautiful rosettes.  Awesome!  I’m so proud of her!


Andrea’s rosettes.  Look at the way she placed her pentagons in the outer rings of the big rosette!


A close-up of Ann’s work.


And more Ann!  We are going to get together and make a plan so she can begin to add her stars.


Martha Claire’s first rosette.

She is using a jellyroll bundle of gray neutrals for her stars.  Such a good idea!


A Katie close-up.  All her stars will be the same.

Such a beautiful grouping Katie.


Theresa couldn’t be with us so she sent me this picture.  Oh my.  So right.  She is making great progress and her look is just great!  I love her neutral stars.


Ginny was out of town and sent me this picture to share.  So so close!!!


And here’s Beverly’s…  She said she has five more rosettes!!

Such beautiful work ladies!!  You inspire me!!

If this has inspired you, I teach a 4-hour workshop about twice a month at Village Fabric Shop.  Check out my class schedule page and come join me.



The La Passacaglia Open House

We had a La Pass Open House in late February at Village Fabric Shop.  The tables were literally full of beautiful rosettes!  Countless hours of fabulous work.  Thank you for coming!!!

Machine appliqued…
And finally, here’s a great example of what we go through.  These pictures belong to Peggy.

I like the center.  So let’s try this combo.That’s pretty wonderful but what if I do this??Or maybe this??Or this combination?  I can see all of you nodding “oh yeah, I’ve done that…”Finally, I think this will work!  Thanks for sharing your WIP pictures Peggy!

Thanks again to all of you for coming.  So inspiring!!  Keep me posted with your pictures.

A Summer of La Pass Rosettes

IMG_8620Star ring.IMG_8652

Tada.  I love this one.  🙂

IMG_8639Here are Joyce’s rosettes.  Remember that each rosette uses fabric from a quilt she has made.
IMG_8641This beautiful big rosette is from her Southern Album fabrics.  Happy memories!  Joyce is planning to use the same neutral fabric for all her stars.IMG_8643

Favorite tip ever.  Line your templates with 1/4″ ruler tape.  You will be able to find them on your cutting table!!  No more “where is my big pentagon template!??*@*$IMG_8825

Karen Thompson quilted this fabulous La Pass and shared it with us in class.  Wow!!  It belongs to Cathy McMann.   She has a great blog!  Yay!!  It was so wonderful to see a FINISHED one.IMG_8823
Karen has digitized a pattern for each of the shapes.  How awesome is that?  Beautiful quilting.IMG_8822
Here’s another picture of my progress.  I call it “Exploding Crayon Box.”  Just kidding.  Not.IMG_8829
Here’s a sample of Gina B’s beautiful rosettes.  Do you not love the solids??
We call this “The Sherbert LaPass.”  It’s just beautiful!IMG_8835
Here’s Karen’s plan.  Look at her pentagon flowers.  Love.IMG_8834

More rosettes.  More planning.IMG_8830
It will all come together!


Becky’s beautiful rosette.  IMG_8879
This fabric was her inspiration.  I want to steal it.IMG_8881
Katie’s first stars.  She is thinking about making all her stars the same colors….

More Katie.IMG_8882
Lion faces.
Honey bees.  This beautifulness happens when you stir Amy Butler and Tula Pink together.IMG_8885
Cats.  Look at that center.  Well done Katie.

Here’s Ann’s first rosette.  Ann, we love how you use color!!

Jennifer F has joined the craziness and had that fun first challenge we all face.  This way??

Or that way.  HAHA  So much fun!

FullSizeRender (57)
Rosette #3 for me.

I’m teaching La Pass on September 21 and September 24 from 10-2.   Come join the craziness!


Summer La Pass

Random pictures from my summer La Passacaglia classes at Trailer Stash Fabrics.IMG_8326Katie has a system.  🙂  She furiously preps during class so she can sew at home.  (She has three beautiful little children.)IMG_8324She plans to use dark stars in her rosettes.
IMG_8329Becky has her lower left quadrant almost finished in this picture and we are kind of jealous.IMG_8330Amazing fussy cutting.IMG_8331IMG_8332IMG_8333IMG_8335Fowler has two beautiful rosettes and some Heather Bailey stars…


I’m working on the upper right quadrant in this picture.

IMG_8532Joyce is making her rosettes from leftovers.  Each rosette represents a quilt she has made.  How cool is that??  This was her Serendipity Sampler.  🙂IMG_8533IMG_8534 (2)IMG_8537IMG_8538 (2)IMG_8536Here’s one of her big rosettes.  Look at the weave.  You are awesome Joyce.IMG_8542 (2)(Southern Album.)

IMG_8539 (2)IMG_8540 (2)This one might be my favorite.

I’ll be teaching the workshop on September 21 and 24 at Trailer Stash Fabrics.  Just contact me for more info.  I make it really easy to get started.  🙂

The La Passacaglia Workshops

I have started the La Passacaglia quilt workshops at Trailer Stash Fabrics.  I just wanted to share a few pictures of what my “peeps” are making.  I think it is remarkable.
IMG_7805Here are the rosettes from our second La Passacaglia workshop.   (Next time I will take better pictures.  🙂  Five beautiful beginnings.  IMG_4391 (2)Ginny’s outer ring of stars on her first big rosette.IMG_7614Beginnings from my very first workshop.  So sweet!
IMG_7642Ginny’s first round of stars.

Some of her rosettes.
IMG_20160217_242127613 (1)Here are Jackie’s first six rosettes.IMG_7666

Beverly’s rosettes.  You will see these again later in this post.


My second big rosette.IMG_7740What my own design wall looked like on February 7.IMG_7736Carol’s first rosette from the Saturday workshop.IMG_7735Katie’s first rosette.

IMG_7869So here’s Beverly’s first big rosette.  She has decided it will be the center of her upper left quadrant.  I could look at this all day.  We met for a little while today at Trailer Stash Fabrics just to “take inventory.”

IMG_7870These are the other rosettes she has finished.  Her job is to arrange several of them around that first big rosette.

IMG_7872So she did.  Crazy fun.

IMG_7873Now she has to choose “star points” to blend all the cogs together.   She picked a few fabrics today; she is well on her way.

Aren’t these amazing?  It will be fun to watch them grow.

I’m offering workshops on the third Wednesday and the first Saturday of each month.  If you are interested, let me know.  I’ll have the kool-aid ready for you.  🙂