The La Passacaglia Workshops

I have started the La Passacaglia quilt workshops at Trailer Stash Fabrics.  I just wanted to share a few pictures of what my “peeps” are making.  I think it is remarkable.
IMG_7805Here are the rosettes from our second La Passacaglia workshop.   (Next time I will take better pictures.  🙂  Five beautiful beginnings.  IMG_4391 (2)Ginny’s outer ring of stars on her first big rosette.IMG_7614Beginnings from my very first workshop.  So sweet!
IMG_7642Ginny’s first round of stars.

Some of her rosettes.
IMG_20160217_242127613 (1)Here are Jackie’s first six rosettes.IMG_7666

Beverly’s rosettes.  You will see these again later in this post.


My second big rosette.IMG_7740What my own design wall looked like on February 7.IMG_7736Carol’s first rosette from the Saturday workshop.IMG_7735Katie’s first rosette.

IMG_7869So here’s Beverly’s first big rosette.  She has decided it will be the center of her upper left quadrant.  I could look at this all day.  We met for a little while today at Trailer Stash Fabrics just to “take inventory.”

IMG_7870These are the other rosettes she has finished.  Her job is to arrange several of them around that first big rosette.

IMG_7872So she did.  Crazy fun.

IMG_7873Now she has to choose “star points” to blend all the cogs together.   She picked a few fabrics today; she is well on her way.

Aren’t these amazing?  It will be fun to watch them grow.

I’m offering workshops on the third Wednesday and the first Saturday of each month.  If you are interested, let me know.  I’ll have the kool-aid ready for you.  🙂

3 thoughts on “The La Passacaglia Workshops

  1. Sandy (Tanna's mom)

    I just LOVE everything abot hexies!! I have been working on a Lucy Boston for a while now. Sure wish I could join you all.


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