The Alphabet Quilt

I am in love with my alphabet quilt sampler from S is for Stitch.  The book is out of print but Village Fabric Shop did some digging and found some copies so if this inspires you, just e-mail Amy.img_9830Here’s the “c” block.  The author says “the door handle’s position is the only indication of which direction the car is facing.”  Such great drawings!
img_9829“Energy” is the block I teach in class.  One of my favorites.img_9827“Z” shows what a one-thread bee wing vein looks like.  So sweet.  This quilt is full of wonderful little colonial knots.  Martha at Knit One Smock Too taught me how to work a colonial knot several years ago.   I love them!img_9826“Volcano” is another one of my favorites.  So simple and so perfect.  One strand works the cloud.  🙂
img_9825The octopus makes me smile.img_9824And who wouldn’t love a baseball block?img_9904When I sent my finished top to Ginabean Quilts, it looked like this.When Gina brought it to me, it looked like THIS.

Custom quilted.  Look at the sashing.

Crazy good.  Thanks Gina!



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