Bragging on beginners

I teach a beginning quilt class at Village Fabric Shop.  I LOVE beginners; they think I know everything!  It really is fun to help them pick fabrics, learn to piece and then surprise themselves with their beautiful tops!  Here are some of their creations.  The pattern comes from Julie Herman’s book, Skip the Borders.img_0036This one belongs to Anne-Marie.   Her 4-patch fabrics were a great pick.

Love it!  She was in the shop just yesterday to pick her binding.

Amelia made this quilt for her grandchild.  She’s getting ready to machine quilt it herself.  It’s a happy quilt!

img_0032This Tula fabulousness belongs to Christi. img_0034The back of Christi’s quilt.  Gina Allen quilted this for her.img_0029Steph’s beginner quilt.  Don’t you love the set??  She and Anne-Marie (first picture) are besties and we had a great time in class!img_0027The pieced back.  Love it!  Gina Allen quilted this for her.img_0023This beauty belongs to Linda.  It’s a grandson quilt and I know he will love it!

Linda sent me these pictures after I posted this page.  Here’s her grandson enjoying his new quilt!

Front!Pieced back!  Fabulous!

Here’s Jean’s beginner quilt.  She used only eight fabrics.  She has it basted and she’s planning on hand quilting it.  Great looking!

Last, but certainly not least, is Laura’s lovely creation.  Such a great set.  She started binding it this week.  Laura Davies quilted this for her.

Such beautiful quilts!  A big thanks to my beginners…they aren’t beginners any more!!

1 thought on “Bragging on beginners

  1. Paula Lipe

    Those quilts are great. I know why you really enjoy teaching that class. Great work for beginners.


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