A month of La Passacaglia rosettes

Our La Passacaglia workshops at Trailer Stash Fabrics are SO PRETTY.   Here are some pictures from the last two workshops.  I know you will be as inspired as I am.  Keep stitching my friends!!IMG_8254Sue’s very first rosette.  That’s an awesome Tula Pink True Colors fussy cut center folks.IMG_8335Fowler’s first stars.  We decided the star ring looked like a bridal wreath.  🙂IMG_8329This fabulousness belongs to Becky.  IMG_8332

Closeups.  This was her first rosette.IMG_8331Another one.

IMG_8330Loved this center.IMG_8333On the foam core board just waiting to be stitched.IMG_8323Michele’s beginnings.  Navy stars.  She has a rainbow plan.  Stay tuned.IMG_8337She also had these bad boys.  These are comic book boards.  They are 100% archival safe and she winds her fabrics on them.IMG_8336She wanted to work with blue so she brought her blue boards.  Of course I have to try this so I came home and ordered a set

IMG_8324Katie’s progress board.  She has lots of stuff prepped.  She will have a new baby shortly and then she can stitch.  🙂IMG_8326A close-up of her board.IMG_8256Karen T’s rosettes.  They glow.

IMG_8250Making fabric choices.  Look at that star.IMG_8249Partial rosettes.IMG_8247Love what she is doing with the outer pentagons.
IMG_8246Another arrangement.  Excited for you Karen!IMG_8243All of Jackie’s rosettes so far.  She is planning on using 3-4 gray fabrics to EPP her stars.
IMG_8244One of Jackie’s rosettes.  See how the inner ring is 1/2 and 1/2?  Love it.IMG_8241Gina B’s rosettes.  Why did I not take more pictures of these???  She used solids in some of her rosettes.  It’s so peaceful and we absolutely loved it.  I call it the sherbert La Pass.

IMG_8252Beverly S’s rosettes.  Yummy.  She has a wonderful selection of Kaffe.

IMG_8255OK, so here’s the tip of the day my friends.  You know how frustrating it is when you can’t find your acrylic templates because they are CLEAR???  Beverly taped 1/4″ quilter’s tape around the edges.  You can still see the fabric but you can also see your template when it is trying to hide from you!!  Brilliant!  Thanks Beverly!

IMG_8345Here’s a picture of my top left quadrant.  I’m trying to keep up with my students…

Let me know if you have questions about any of this!  Thanks for being a part of it!

3 thoughts on “A month of La Passacaglia rosettes

  1. luvmeluvmybeagles

    Kathleen thank you for sharing these beautiful creations from your LaPass workshops. These ladies are so talented. I’m trying to catch up but having some serious thumb issues. It’s a real drag. I love everything all of you are doing.


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