March Fat Stacks

014We had a great turnout for our March Fat Stacks class at The Little General.  Ann’s beautiful “Flowers in the Sunshine” brightened up the room!  I love this quilt; she plans to add three more rows.

013012Ann also made some pillowcases using the tutorial from February.  Here are a couple of them.  She has quite a collection; they are great.

010Martha Claire went to Quilt Con.  Yay!!  She was able to take a class from Elizabeth Hartman.  These foxes are adorable.  She used a great blue for their eyes.  One more fox and she’s done!

011Here’s Jennifer’s “Lizard” quilt.  It’s reverse applique and she quilted it herself.  It’s so right!

017Jennifer also made this beauty called “Friendship” from Villa Rosa Designs.  Spring can’t be too far away!

016She finished up with “Road Trip” from Quilt Trends magazine.  She wants to add two more borders.  It was pointed out that all Jennifer’s fish are swimming correctly.  None of her animals are upside down.  It’s a great directional quilt!

015Here’s a panel from Diana’s “Glimmer” quilt from JayBird Quilts.  I love Diana’s color choices.



I showed my North Carolina embroidery sampler.   It’s not the greatest picture but Diana is framing it for me and I’ll share the finished project.  I like calling North Carolina home.  🙂

We didn’t have lots of show and tell (Debbie blamed it on the weather) but we did have an impressive turnout to welcome Amy Shively as the new shop owner.  Amy, we are so happy that  this great little fabric shop will continue!

I’ll be posting my QuiltCon pictures soon.  Like Martha Claire, I had a great time!  Stay tuned!


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