A pillowcase for my Valentine

IMG_4487Here’s the perfect Valentine gift.  Terri LaRue and I worked up this pattern YEARS ago 🙂  I used The Makers Fabric Collection from Cori Dantini for the body.   (Gina has it at The Little General.)  So sweet!  Enjoy!

IMG_4441Cut three pieces of fabric.  The big body of the pillowcase is 27″ long.  The pink trim is 2″ and the cuff is 9.”

IMG_4442Press the pink trim in half, wrong sides together.  Do the same to the green cuff.

IMG_4440Place the body, WRONG SIDE UP, on your work surface.  Line up the raw edge of the body with the raw edge of the cuff and then the trim.

IMG_4443Pin along the edge and then stitch a 1/4″ seam.

IMG_4447IMG_4450Press the pink trim and the green cuff up to the right side of the fabric.

IMG_4451Pin the pink trim to the body of the pillowcase.  A little spray starch helps keep everything nice and flat.

IMG_4452Top stitch along the edge.

IMG_4453It should look like this.

IMG_4454Trim off the selvedge along both edges.


To make a nice finished “French seam,” fold the pillow case WRONG sides together.  My friend Debbie is responsible for showing me this technique!  Thanks Deb!


Stitch a 1/8″ seam along the edge.

IMG_4460Turn the pillow case inside out and then take a 1/4″ seam along the edge and the top.

IMG_4461Give it a good press and you are finished!  Happy Valentine’s Day!



4 thoughts on “A pillowcase for my Valentine

  1. mrsgoodneedle

    That’s a nice finish on a very pretty pillowcase, KB. I have been working on pillowcases too; using the “hot dog” method by way of the ConnKerr Cancer website. Our youth will be making them at church on Sunday for donation to that cause; I needed to familiarize myself with the method… it’s pretty slick. Thanks for your tutorial, I love the accent band on the cuff! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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