Fishy quilt finished

finished fishy quilt 2

I finished my fishy quilt last night.  It’s from the book, Modern Baby Quilts and I’ll be teaching it as a beginner applique class at The Little General in March.  I used Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Circles for the bubbles and I hand quilted it during the Olympics.  How long did the hand quilting take?  People love to ask that…I have about 20 hours in it.  Straight line hand quilting is FAST; stitching around the bubbles takes a little while.  I used inch wide masking tape to keep my lines straight and every so often I would check the lines with a big ruler just to be sure it was all even.

I washed it last night with a couple of Color Catchers.  I air dried it overnight over a shower rod and then fluffed it in the dryer for about 15 minutes this morning.  (All that keeps colors from running.)  It is nice and soft and ready for a sweet baby.

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