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Rainbow Circle

My new Modern Rainbow circle quilt!  I have not attached the hanging sleeve or the binding yet.  It will probably be my first finish of 2018.  🙂  I found the pattern in Modern Rainbow.I cut 3″ squares from some solids and started working on a color progression.  I did lots of pondering!  I also realize I need to run a lint roller over my flannel boards!I needed 24 sets to make up the segments.  Three different fabrics in each set.   I did not have 72 solids so I did use some tonal prints.  I also used the reverse of a couple of fabrics.  This took a long time and the color progression has some issues but it was really kind of awesome to work this.

Here are my 3″ square leftovers.  I will use them for another quilt one day.

I started sewing the sections together and just loved it.  I paper pieced these for accuracy.  I was having a big time……until I got to the curves.I have NEVER been a master of the curve.  I have friends who ARE masters.  I KNOW it is doable, just not by me.

I tried again on another section.  Not good.  It was obvious this was not going to work.  I sewed the entire circle together (I am not going to show you a picture of THAT) and I took it to Theresa DeWalt, queen of the custom quilters.  She kindly suggested I applique just the pieced circle to a background.  I DO know how to applique.

So then it looked like this!  Theresa is a genius.

I saved my money and sent it to her to be quilted.  Oh my.

Now it looks like this.Fabulous circles and feathers.Geometric diamonds.Corner feathers.

It measures 42″ square.  It is one of my favorite quilts EVER.  I’m so happy I didn’t give up!!  Thank you Theresa.  Happy New Year everybody!