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October Fat Stacks…Wow!


We had our monthly Fat Stacks meeting this morning at The Little General.   The shop has a flying geese challenge in progress…this group is participating!  Enjoy!IMG_3585We started off with Cheryl this month…did I mention I taught her how to quilt?

IMG_3587Ann’s Serendipity Sampler block!

IMG_3588Ann’s first flying geese.  Cotton + Steel…it’s a very popular collection.

IMG_3589Carole’s hand-pieced hexies using Amy Butler’s Glow.IMG_3590More Amy Butler from Carole!  #navyisthenewblack

IMG_3591Carole’s Cotton +Steel.  I LOVE this.

IMG_3592Joan’s original design using flying geese.  Joan said she used the panel to show how many quilts she is accumulating.  Great problem to have!  Check out the appliqued hexie.

IMG_3593Diana’s foundation pieced flying geese.  She did a great job!

IMG_3594A section of Jennifer’s memory quilt.  She used the quilt pattern from the front of our Serendipity Sampler book.  So fun!

IMG_3595Debbie’s flying geese using Cotton + Steel.  Such good workmanship!

IMG_3596Paula’s new bag.  Yep, THAT’S what you do with that great canvas!  Polka dot handles are the best.

IMG_3597Martha Claire brought a wonderful Fanny Hall quilt to share.

IMG_3598The beginnings of Tillie’s Science Fair block  from my Precision Piecing class.  My picture is a little blurry but her piecing and her pressing are really good!  Stay tuned for more pictures as these quilts are finished.  Very fun!

IMG_3599Tillie’s pieced top.  See that beautiful piece of voile on the table?  That’s her backing fabric.  It all went home with Gina today to get quilted.

IMG_3600Spectacular quilting from Gina on a quilt for Lee Monroe.


So Tanna took my pictures for me this morning and we didn’t get any shots of her great quilts.  However, she shared a link from Noodlehead last month for this great pouch with a zipper.  I made it and Debbie won it in the giveaway.  It’s all about the flying geese…

It was a pretty special morning!  Thanks for all the show and tell ladies!!  If you are interested in joining us, contact Gina at The Little General for more info!