The Plus Experiment

IMG_8745Make some 8″ pluses.  This quilt is in Anna Graham’s new book, Handmade Style.  It measures about 40″ square finished.
IMG_8870Add a little big stitch hand quilting.  I used 50 wt. linen thread.  The lines are about an inch apart.

FullSizeRender (56)Back it in voile and bind it.  Yum.


Make some more green linen pluses and think about color combinations.

IMG_9101I’ll go with this one.  Have Laura Davies doing a little matchstick quilting.

IMG_9103Here’s a close-up of what she did on her domestic.  Amazing.
IMG_9105I did a little more matchstick quilting.  Yes I did.  Laura had it so stable that even I could do it!  I like the look of this matchstick.  Perfectly straight lines are awesome but these kinda wavy lines and different thread colors (Laura’s idea) make me really happy.img_9177Wash it and let it dry.  I just love how it looks!   It is soft and wonky and a little baby could be sitting in the middle of it.

img_9211One more.  This one was quilted by Laura on her long arm.

img_9212I gave her credit.  🙂  I saw this bias tape binding method on Bonnie Hunter’s website several years ago.  I just love the look.

img_9209When I wash my quilts, I hang them over the shower rod to dry.  I don’t like to put them in the dryer until they are almost dry.  A wet red fabric can bleed in a too hot dryer.  Not good.

img_9210I love it!  I’m teaching “The Plus Experiment” as a class at Village Fabric Shop.  Go to my class schedule page for the dates.  I’m teaching it once a month.  Come to one or come to all of them.

I’m working on another one with different fabrics in the little pluses…

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