Serendipity Sampler Month 5


Here are the blocks from our last Serendipity Sampler class.  This one belongs to Pat.


Pat’s four blocks.  We absolutely love what she did!!

IMG_5205Beverly’s fourth block.

IMG_5206All four blocks.  It’s SO pretty.  Take just a minute to look at the fabric selections.

IMG_5207Dee’s navy, gray and green block.

IMG_5208We teased about Dee following Beverly.  The blocks could not be more different yet each set is beautiful!

IMG_5209Here’s Jennifer’s fourth block.  We loved her berries so much that she has decided to go back and add more to her other blocks.  HAHA


All four of her blocks.  LOVE.

IMG_5242Cheryl’s fourth block.  She has a little more work to do but you get the idea; it’s going to be fabulous!  She decided on her berries this month.  Check!

IMG_5243Here are her four blocks.  Terrible picture.  Beautiful blocks.  She will add her berries and keep sewing!  (Tanna nailed it last week when she said I sounded like Dory in “Finding Nemo.”  Keep sewing, keep sewing…but that’s another story…)

IMG_5239Alice’s next block.  Her turquoise choice is SO BALANCED in her blocks.

IMG_5238See!  Lots of thought went into these four blocks.

IMG_5248Sue’s fab fourth block.  Her work is SO GOOD.  (Did I tell you I taught her how to applique??)

IMG_5250How glorious is this??


And last but certainly not least we have Rachel’s fourth block.  Rachel sold her house, moved, bought a house and moved (last Friday) since starting this class.  She also works full time and has two small children.


She has the pieces cut for her fourth block and she is an inspiration to us all!!  Keep sewing Rachel!

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