Blog posts are hard

I published before I was finished.  You could probably tell.  HAHA  Thank you for your patience.  This is the second half of Fat Stacks, held today at The Little General.  We had a grand time!

IMG_2805Kay’s quilt for her grandson.  He loves UNC and Appalachian.

IMG_2808Ginny’s Senior Services quilt.

IMG_2813Ginny’s Patio Quilt from Happy Zombie

IMG_2814It’s not a quilt but it’s wonderful!  Cheryl’s daughter’s First Holy Communion Dress.  She took a class from Cathy Zakula at The Little General.

IMG_2817Jennifer’s Fishy Quilt from Modern Baby Quilts.  She quilted it on her domestic.  LOVE the orange binding!

IMG_2818Jennifer’s next Modern Baby Quilt.

IMG_2819Joan’s Simple Gifts from Modern Quilt Studio.

IMG_2820Another Simple Gifts.  She is making them for Senior Services.  Thanks Joan!

IMG_2823IMG_2825These aren’t quilts either but they are beautiful.  A gift from Esther to Tillie.

IMG_2789My “Hook” quilt from Schnibbles.

It was a great Fat Stacks Day!  Sorry I split the post in half.  If you have questions about any of these beautiful quilts, just let me know.  Thanks for reading!

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